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MoonPay Partners With TIME To Expand Into The Digital Collectibles Market

Miami-Based MoonPay, a Leading Platform of Fiat On-Ramp Solutions for the Crypto Industry, Announces Collaboration with TIME to Provide Customers with a Seamless Way to Purchase TIMEPieces’ NFT Collection Using a Credit Card Did.

Launched in March 2021, TIMEPieces is TIME’s Web3 community initiative and has grown to over 150 artists and over 60,000 collectors and community members. The community has dropped the first-ever fully readable magazine on the blockchain. All owners can connect their digital wallet to for smooth access to the website.

This partnership will enable TIME to expand its customer base beyond its core crypto native and bring TIMEPieces to a wider consumer community.

The partnership comes at a time when the market for digital collections is booming, following Twitter, Instagram, Reddit’s Avatars and Starbucks’ Odyssey, as major brands seek ways to engage with consumers in the Web3 space. was broken.

Former TIME President Keith Grossman, who officially joined MoonPay as President of Enterprise on January 2, is thrilled to be able to help organizations he cares about and succeed in their efforts in the Web3 space. doing.

“Personally, I am excited to ensure the success of an organization that will always be on my mind and dear with the solutions provided by an organization that enables the future of brand engagement with consumers.” Keith Grossman says.

MoonPay not only offers fiat currency on-ramp solutions, but also enterprise-ready cryptocurrency using HyperMint, a MoonPay product that allows non-cryptocurrency customers to enjoy seamless checkout via debit and credit cards. We are also talking about supporting the needs of smart contracts. TIME will be able to create, manage and execute complex business logic on the blockchain, making it easier to build and scale Web3 products and services.

The partnership between us is a perfect example of how traditional brands are embracing the power of blockchain technology and the Web3 ecosystem. MoonPay will enable TIME to take their digital collectibles to the next level and provide a better experience for their customers.

“TIME is a textbook case study on how brands are using Web3 technology to build more meaningful, contextual and curated experiences for members of their communities. We are excited to power the TIMEPieces initiative with our smart contracts and payment infrastructure,” said Ivan Soto-Wright, MoonPay CEO and Co-Founder.

This partnership is an important step forward for both companies. MoonPay can help TIME deliver a seamless experience to its customers while expanding its customer base and creating new opportunities for growth in the Web3 space. With Keith Grossman leading the way, this partnership is sure to be a success.


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