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Moon strike releases its exclusive NFT’s characters collection video with numerous features.

MoonStrike is an upcoming NFT Play-To-Earn multiplayer AAA quality game with the role and development of a shooter based on Unreal Engine. Recent developments have released videos of their own NFT character collection.

MoonStrike Embark on a journey in the crypto industry. This is an upcoming blockchain game that is a play-to-ear type of multiplayer third-person and first-person shooter where gamers can build bases on the moon and collide with each other.

Binance Smart Chain is a community-driven, open source, decentralized ecosystem. The BNB chain community aims to build an infrastructure that enhances the global parallel virtual economy. MoonStrike is developed on the Binance Smart Chain Network, created on Epic Games’ Unreal Engine, and utilizes one of the highest quality AAA quality 3D games. Cryptographic game enthusiasts can also get some unique design upgrades by purchasing a (non-fungible token) NFT and using it in this game!

In recent developments, Moon Strike is proud to release an NFT Character Collection video that includes features such as:

Actual 3D design

Created manually

Different types of animation

Staking is support for NFT holders and cooler features !!!

It takes that player to the moon!

Determined users can watch the video here.

again, Moon strike The trailer gives the audience a first real glimpse of the game. In the trailer, you can see players manipulating soldiers on the moon and fighting to control key points and resources on the map. Gameplay has a variety of NFT elements, with unique character and weapon models, resources, and vehicles that players can control and control in this NFT-based player economy.

In addition, MoonStrike is part of the NFT community as well as the blockchain gaming industry. Stay up to date with a series of hot collections coming soon with realistic 3D graphics.

As a result, MoonStrike brings premium playstyle and design to the Cryptographic Metaverse, providing a platform accessible to gamers of all skill levels. Players don’t have to be professional to play it, but this also doesn’t mean that more experienced hardcore players can’t enjoy it a lot! Now available on your PC, it provides a challenging and immersive environment for your fellow veteran gamers!

Potential gamers and interested people can access the website to better understand the project.Join the community through telegram Also twitter..

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