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Monkai’s Upcoming Drop on OpenSea Solana Launchpad on 26th July

OpenSea recently tweeted about the Monkai NFT drop on the Solana launchpad. The event will take place on his July 26th and will bring the next generation of his NFTs to users.

The platform announced the event with a one-minute trailer on its official Twitter account. On top of all this, OpenSea also talked about Monkai and their new NFT collection.

As an anime-centric, story-driven NFT project, Monkai brings community building and innovative utilities to the game’s metaverse. In addition, it provides the NFT community with his high-end VFX tools. At the same time, this project promotes the anime community around the world.

Monkai founder Joshua Ketzer is known in the industry for his many years of experience in the film industry. Josh has won multiple awards for blockbusters such as Passengers and Arrival. Additionally, the founder is also the lead developer of projects such as SkullBots, Sol Flowers and HolyVerseNFT.

OpenSea said the first collection of upcoming drops will be a Gen1 storyline based on Japan’s Edo period. The project follows the story of Monkai and Yokai bloodlines as they fight to take more land while defending themselves. Players will also learn more about the Clans by completing the World War I story.

Multichain is the future of the NFT and blockchain industry and this project addresses this demand. After the Genesis Solana project is released, OpenSea will also launch multi-chain tokens, including an Ethereum collection.

These tokens are also important in the Monkai ecosystem as a means of trading and in-game functionality. The venture has not announced any other use cases offered by the token. Therefore, users are encouraged to follow the network for more details.

A week after casting, OpenSea will launch a single-player version of the game. Monkai aims to maintain the long-term motivation of the anime franchise, and OpenSea will help them every step of the way.

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