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MMA Lands to Create a Collection of 5k+ NFT Characters for Play-to-Earn Games

The MMA Lands development team is pleased to be able to provide a metaverse for Play-to-Earn games with NFT collections based on the Ethereum blockchain.

Since the beginning of the crypto era in 2009, and despite government regulations surrounding the use of crypto, it has turned much into a millionaire. To win cryptocurrencies, you need to mine them. Mining is a complex process that requires serious hardware and constant power, and not many people have the resources to mine cryptography. Fortunately, there are other ways to earn cryptocurrencies. One such way is to play and earn the game.

Play-to-earn crypto games utilize NFTs through in-game assets and give away such assets if the player wins the stage as soon as the victory is achieved. These games allow people to play and earn crypto assets as rewards. There are few legitimate p2e platforms that allow people to earn crypto, but there are thousands of dubious and malicious platforms that tear people apart in time and effort.

MMA Lands offers the opportunity to enable gamers who play and earn to enjoy the best gaming and rewarding experiences. Today, MMA Lands announced the creation of an NFT collection of 5,555 NFT characters designed to capture the game’s metaverse. The NFT characters in the MMA Lands collection are created in 4K with the highest quality digitization with a variety of rarities and abilities.

The token collection will be created according to ERC-721 and all project development will be based on the Ethereum blockchain. Each NFT in the collection will be a unique character that can be played in MMA Lands, a Play-to-Earn game currently under development. The collection roadmap is in the initial development phase, with developers suggesting a year-long phase.

MMA Lands aims to be a large company offering a variety of revenue streams, including commercial tournaments, staking, agriculture, markets, and the ability to develop and improve the capabilities of NFT characters. The NFT collection by MMA Lands will be available for casting in the future. This is one of many features that distinguish MMA Lands from other companies and organizations in its category.

Users can create NFTs on the official MMA Lands website, or even purchase NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain alone. The maximum number of images that can be created in one wallet is 5 NFT. Undoubtedly, this NFT collection of MMA Lands is changing the face of the gaming platform.

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