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Mitchell Pardey aka Meowmoon sheds light on his upcoming NFT game “Meadow Moon”


March 26: The concept of NFT games has evolved rapidly in recent years, and more and more new titles are being contested for players who are ready to play and make big money. As NFT games grow into big companies, it will take a lot of time for new releases in the format to get attention. However, Mitchell Pardey’s next game, Meadow Moon, is already quite promising by the time it’s released.

Known in the industry as: Meowmoon, Pardey is a respected person within the NFT sector and provides important and sought after market advice. At Meadow Moon, he promises a unique and engaging game that sets him apart from other NFT gamification models. Mitchell Pardey shares that one of the most unique aspects of Meadow Moon is that it provides the ability for holders to access without the need for inflation utility tokens. Given that recent research on utility tokens has concluded that the sustainable token economy cannot be inflation, Meadow Moon’s concept of inflation token-free proves to be the future of NFT games. There is a possibility. Pardey shares the excitement that owners can discover every aspect of Meadow Moon when Meadow Moon is released, and believes it has the power to bring a whole new experience to mint games. Extending this, he says, “the potential of the NFT gamification model is barely quantifiable, and Meadowmoon will be at the forefront of taking it to a higher level.”

With a degree in game design and a degree in cybersecurity, Pardey is familiar with the ever-changing crypto and gaming industry. The knowledge gained through his research and experience has helped establish him as an integral player in the NFT gaming sector. Meadow Moon is set to roll out within the next few months, and Pardey promises that its launch will reveal significant revenue potential with its well-known collaborators.

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