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MeUndies cancels Bored Ape NFT partnership

Then answer a collection of frequently asked questions. The company has announced that it is busy investigating the environmental impact of NFTs. I admit that this should have been done before MeUndies embarked on an initiative.

For the past year Many brands are flocking to virtual NFT media It quickly became popular and had the potential to make big bucks quickly. but, Negative eco-impact Sustainability is a controversial area for areas that can damage a brand’s reputation, as the proportion of blockchain assets is more apparent.

From artwork to Web3 and virtual assets real estate As it grows in popularity, it becomes important to understand the purpose of the space in which the brand lives. Why is MeUndies embarking on an NFT partnership with the boring Ape Yacht Club? “These prints are very popular,” says Bored ApeYacht Club, who was able to license a piece that could be used both virtually and in branded pants.

“I’m not going to make excuses, I just didn’t do the work necessary to make such an influential decision,” the statement said. “That’s not an acceptable reason, but above all, we want to be transparent to the community.”

MeUndies said it would sell NFTs and contribute all of its revenue to “our environmental efforts”, but the brand does not proceed with planned underwear printing. Reddit posts hold 95% of the votes.

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