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Metamall Partners With Jigen NFT Provider To Offer Safety For Brands

Metamall partners with Jigen NFT provider to provide safety to the Metaverse brand

Metamall, a Web3 Metaverse platform that provides shoppers, designers, real estate / space owners, and marketers with an enhanced retail experience, today announced a partnership with luxury NFT provider Jigen. The move is expected to increase the value of the Metamall brand and tokens ($ MALL) while strengthening Jigen’s position as a premium NFT provider and designer for luxury brands.

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Available at Pancakeswap, Jigen ($ JIG) is the first NFT gateway for Metaverse fashion and luxury items. You can easily onboard existing designer brands on the blockchain. In addition, NFT cross-chain transfers that can be traded in the secondary market will be possible.

Jigen can monitor these items on the blockchain along with the entire supply chain, solving the problem of counterfeiting within the luxury brand industry. All Jigen NFTs are backed up by physical NFTs and are available through the application.

Jigen has established its own bespoke brand and also offers custom NFT designs for businesses and projects. Existing fashion brands can use Jigen to verify that their products are legal. Counterfeiting is the biggest problem facing the luxury brand industry and costs billions of dollars a year, so this is a very attractive use case.

Jigen complements Metamall in many ways, and luxury NFT providers design brands that are unique to Metamallers. Metamall has already created a spaceship-themed retail Metaverse, with plenty of space available to NFT retailers. A total of 5,714 spaces are sold in five formats: cubes, cabins, clubs, chalets and chateaus. The chateau occupies 400 spaces, but the cube occupies only one. These units are called “space NFTs”.

This is in contrast to the Jigen Designer NFT, which trades “inside” the larger space NFT within the wider Metamall ecosystem. The comparison could be a comparison of existing brands (Dior, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, etc.) moving to a physical mall. The main difference is that Jigen is a luxury NFT brand designer (rather than a simple retailer) and the complex is created in the Metaverse rather than in a physical mall and has compatible headsets. Anyone can access it.

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Metamall has several advantages as a front runner in the retail Metaverse industry, but it’s more accurate to say that it’s creating the industry rather than taking over. Metamall has already raised over $ 4.6 million through pre-IDO funding. In addition, through the launch of four decentralized projects, NFT sales exceeded $ 1.5 million and raised $ 400,000. Web3 Metaverse retailers also have many strong industry partnerships, built on the Solana blockchain, known for its ultra-low rates, high levels of scalability, and small carbon dioxide emissions.

Another advantage is the quality of the virtual reality design. Co-founder Serge Gianchandani is an expert in VR technology. He is the founder of Egg Solution Optronics and holds 12 patents for 3D and VR images. The other half of the founding team is Sahan Ray, an IIT / IIM graduate with an impressive track record of turning startups into unicorns. Regarding the Metamall / Jigen partnership, Serge said:

“We are pleased to announce our partnership with a well-known NFT luxury provider shortly, and we are confident that Jigen will be able to offer an unbeatable architecture for promoting and retailing our services. We are pleased to receive direct feedback and join one of the first NFT designers to improve the VR retail experience for NFT retailers, developers and space owners. “

Metamall Metaverse is not scheduled to go live until the second quarter of 2022, and a list of decentralized exchanges will be published shortly. Other Metaverse retailers can use Jigen’s services to create their own luxury brand NFTs and (literally) set up shops in the opposite space within Metamall Metaverse. The Web3 retail environment is already in place and industry leaders are actively working together to build future partnerships.

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