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Metacurio and Iconic Images Partner for NFT Collector’s Edition of Terry O’Neill’s Iconic Photograph “Sean Connery on the Moon” Dropping March 4 on OpenSea

Collectors can bid on the starting NFT Friday, March 4 and 1:00 pm PT/ /4 pm (Eastern Time) on

Images are provided by Iconic Images, a UK-based company with a large archive of millions of photographs spanning the history of fashion, rock and roll, film, politics, royal family, and pop culture. Last November, brand development, marketing and entertainment company Authentic Brands Group (ABG) announced the acquisition of Iconic Images, which adds fine arts to its global media, entertainment and lifestyle brand portfolio.

O’Neill developed this photo concept while working on this photo set. James bond Movie “Diamonds Are Forever” at Pinewood Studios London During the mission of Apollo 14.Astronauts during the historic moonwalk Alan Shepard Famous for bringing a 6-iron and two golf balls to Mars. The image of Shepherd playing golf on the moon inspired O’Neill to recreate the photo with Connelly on the moon backlot set of the movie.

O’Neill is one of the most respected photographers in the world, and his work is displayed in national museums and personal collections around the world.Other photographers have accepted the span of fame and have not captured 20th Century icon from Winston Churchill To Nelson Mandela,from Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley To Amy Winehousefrom Audrey Hepburn,Brigitte Bardot To Nicole Kidman,and James bond actor from Sean Connery To Daniel Craig And many of their major women.He took a picture the Beatles When Rolling stone In 1963, he pioneered behind-the-scenes reportage photography as an emerging young talent. David Bowie, Elton john, Eric Clapton When Chuck berry, His images decorate historic rock albums, movie posters, and the covers of international magazines.

About Metacurio
Metacurio (formerly 1ofOne) is a world-leading NFT creative agency for A-list talent and global brands. The company will partner with clients to create a boundary-breaking NFT experience, providing full-service infrastructure, strategy, and support for each drop. Founded in 2021, Metacurio was founded by the founders of Blocksquared. Jeff Hood Former President of STX Entertainment Sophie Watts..

About symbolic images
Owned by Iconic Images New YorkThe base Authentic Brands Group owns or represents many of the world’s most famous photographers, creates international traveling exhibitions, collaborates with more than 50 galleries around the world, collaborates with luxury fashion brands, and We provide edited image licenses to world-leading publishers, newspapers and magazines.The archive contains one of the largest collections in the world David Bowie, Elton john, Marilyn Monroe, Jimmy Hendricks, Audrey Hepburn, Frank SinatraThe Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and 20 Historyth Fashion photography of the century.

About Authentic Brands Group
Authentic Brands Group (ABG) is a brand development, marketing and entertainment company with a portfolio of global media, entertainment and lifestyle brands.The head office is New York City, ABG builds on the long-term value of over 30 consumer brands and real estate by partnering with best-in-class manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers. The brand has a global retail footprint in luxury, specialty, department stores, midtier, mass, the entire e-commerce channel, and more than 7,800 * independent stores and shop-in-shops worldwide.

ABG is committed to transforming its brand by delivering compelling products, content, business and immersive experiences. Create and activate your own marketing strategy to drive your brand’s success with touchpoints, platforms, and new media for all consumers. ABG’s portfolio of iconic and world-renowned brands includes Marilyn Monroe®, Elvis Presley®, Muhammad Ali®, Shaquille O’Neal®, Doctor J®, Greg Norman®, Neillane®, Talia® and Sports Illustrated. Includes Ted® and Reebok®. *, Eddie Bauer®, Spyder®, Volcom®, Airwalk®, Nautica®, Izod®, Forever21®, Aéropostale®, JuicyCouture®, VinceCamuto®, LuckyBrand®, NineWest®, JonesNewYork®, Frederick’s of Hollywood®, AdrienneVitt , Arrow®, Tretorn®, Tapout®, Prince®, VisionStreetWear®, Brooks Brothers®, BarneysNewYork®, JudithLeiber®, HerveLeger®, Frye®, Hickey Freeman®, HartSchaffnerMarx®, Thomasville®, Drexel® and Henred. Pending acquisition in the first quarter of 2022 *.

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