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Melania Trump rings in Women’s History Month with NFT self-portrait collection

Conservative social media network parlor Announced a new set of Melania Playing cards Non-substitutable tokenOr NFT, to commemorate Women’s History Month.

These NFTs offer buyers the opportunity to own the original files of digital art.

In this case, there are 3,000 editions of the three portraits, also created by the artist. Mark-Antoine Coulomb..

“The parlor is powering the platform,” so I announced it in a post on Tuesday.

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The collection includes 1,500 editions of the portrait titled “Strong”, 500 editions of “Confident” and 1,000 editions of “Inspirational” for $ 150 each.

However, all purchases will be randomized. “The artwork is only published after purchase, so collectors can enjoy the elements of surprise,” Parlor said.

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Former First Lady NFTs are created by the Solana blockchain protocol. That is, the buyer promises a portion of the purchase to the computer running the blockchain software that enables the transaction.


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