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Meet female artists building on Singular, the NFT platform built on Kusama

If you’ve ever wondered where NFT artists are inspired and what’s important to the success of your NFT collection, keep reading. Lady Kusama (Rachel), Yumi (Diana), Kate, and Marua will speed you up.

These four female artists have one obvious thing in common. They all chose Singular, a platform for creating and trading NFTs from Kusama.

Here’s their story, plans for 2022, and advice for those looking to release an NFT, without any extra hassle.

Lady Kusama (Rachel)

Rachel’s NFT story began when her cousin and business partner, KBL, introduced her to cryptocurrencies.

“He was already particularly interested in Dotsama and demanded that my artistic skills launch the NFT collection together. King Kusama“Rachel recalls.

    Kusama Kings Collection featuring
Kusama Kings Collection featuring “# 075 Dragon” (Source: Unique).

Rachel has been developing her own collection since then –cuteI was painting as much as she remembers and started digital art at the age of 12. She studied computer animation and visual effects and worked in both studio and freelance artists.

“Most of my experience lies in digital art and illustration, especially art tuned for the animation industry,” Rachel said, revealing that her inspiration includes Claire Hummel and Royce’s Van Barr. I made it.

Kute collection featuring
Kute Collection featuring “Kute Tiger” (Source: Unique).

When asked about this year’s plans, Rachel revealed plans to launch two new collections in early 2022 after the final King Kusama was released.

Yumi (Diana)

“I’ve been using cryptocurrencies since 2017, but haven’t delved far beyond BTC and ETH. In 2021, I started hearing a lot about the Dotsama ecosystem and the first DOT. I bought, found the Singular Marketplace, and entered KSM, “recalls Diana, the artist behind the NFT collection. Kitty Paradise When Dreamscapes..

Diana has been drawing sketches and scribbles since she was a kid and started using digital art tools such as Photoshop and SAI at the age of 10.

“I challenged pixel art and was really hooked on that style,” said Diana, revealing that her inspiration often comes from the images of different gods and gods.

Kitty's Paradise Collection featuring
Kitty’s Paradise Collection featuring “Kitty’s Paradise # 206” (Source: Unique)

“This is the main theme of my Dreamscapes collection. At the same time, I love drawing cute things like Kitty’s Paradise,” she added.

When asked about this year’s plans, Diana said the evolving Kitty collection is at the top of the list.

“From Pixel Kitty to non-Pixel Mage Cats, we’re migrating to RMRK 2.0. We have a huge plan for this collection and we’re hoping to showcase some artwork soon,” the artist cursed.

Features of the Dreamscapes collection,'CHAOS | 5/10' Source: Singular.
Features of the Dreamscapes collection,’CHAOS | 5/10′ (Source: Unique).

“For Dreamscapes, we want to finish the collection we started and advance the rewards of the physical items to the owners. It’s great to see these items actually appear. And then again. It’s RMRK 2.0, “she added.


“I was eight when I entered art school. I attended classes there for eight to nine years. I made a lot of canvas paintings there and sold some of them for a few dollars. I even did that, “Kate revealed about her background.

As for cryptography, she said, “I didn’t know about it three months ago.” In November, when her friend talked to her about NFTs and was intrigued, Kate began her research.

“After a few weeks of exploring on Twitter, I came across a life-changing Singular link,” recalls Kate, the founder of the first Singular collection. Khao giraffe November 26th.

    Kaosukirin Collection, featuring'Mythical Giraffe | Dragonborn'(singular source)
Kaosukirin Collection, featuring’Mythical Giraffe | Dragonborn'(Source) Unique).

The artist explained that different styles of different artwork can be created at the same time and feel comfortable. “My art is chaotic” – she summarized it.

“After three years of rest, I returned to the canvas. At the same time, I drew a collection of girl demons on my iPad and created a giraffe item for RMRK 2.0,” she explained, “inspired by beautiful things.” I’m doing it. ” A person and a beautiful body. “


Like Kate, Marua admitted that she hasn’t had a long track record in cryptocurrencies.

“When the Covid-19 crisis began, I started to notice cryptography. He’s a big fan of the Dotsama ecosystem, so he helped me a lot,” said his artist background. Maurla, who started at the art gym a year ago, said.

“I’ve always been interested in art and praised how people can translate their thoughts and feelings on paper, so the name of my collection is Marua’s emotions“Marua said.

Marlua's Emotions collection featuring
Marlua’s Emotions collection featuring “Mark night” (Source: Unique).

She describes her work as a mixture of abstract and expressionist art and concludes that it is difficult to identify her artistic inspiration.

“Every time it’s something different, I try to relate to and guide my feelings. For example, I created a” corrector “when the market crashed. Everyone could be involved, and I did, “she explained.

When asked about this year’s plans, Marua shortened it. “I think it will-go along the flow,” she said.

“I would like to significantly integrate RMRK 2.0 because I really think it is the most advanced NFT protocol in the world. I’m not sure if my emotion collection is possible yet, but in the future I want you to make something with RMRK 2.0, “concludes the artist.

The secret to a successful NFT collection

All four artists agreed that building a community is paramount to the success of the NFT collection.

“It really depends on the collection / artist, but in most cases the community is important,” Diana explained. This includes constantly creating events, communicating with the audience, maintaining conversations on social platforms, and participating in a variety of activities.

“Community was the key to our success,” Rachel argued, adding that constant involvement with the community and frequent giveaways are an important part of the puzzle.

Maurla shares the same view, explaining that she is primarily trying to promote community involvement using giveaways.

Kate had no other explanation. “Community is everything” – the artist has concluded.

All four gave the same advice to artists considering the release of NFTs. Build communities and make them part of your journey.

Unique marketplace
Unique marketplace (Source: Unique).

“Build. Don’t drop art or sit down and wait for people to buy,” Kate advised, emphasizing the importance of actively engaging people in an interesting way.

Rachel added that he encourages artists not to be afraid to seek guidance from others.

“Create a limited collection and establish a clear rarity within the collection, which gives buyers more confidence that the NFT will maintain that rarity.”

Finally, finally CryptoSlate It became clear that all four artists had something in common, which is why they chose Singular.

According to them, a strong community, along with cheap monetary bureaus, was a major factor in attracting them to the Dotsama ecosystem.

“It’s really important to get support when you start on the road, and literally everyone here-staff, collectors, and other artists have motivated me,” Diana adds. I did.


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