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Marvel Fans Outraged At Brie Larson For NFT Promotion

Captain Marvel is pretty quiet in the Marvel Cinematic Universe Since her surprise appeared Legend of Xiangqi and Tenring, The actress behind the character is not. Brie Larson has always been quite active on social media, sharing behind-the-scenes images of her various film productions and introducing her offset ventures.

One of those offset ventures recently took Larson into the world of irreplaceable tokens. These digital arts, commonly referred to as NFTs, are unique and irreplaceable, although there are many jokes that NFT theft is one screenshot. Anyone with a smartphone can make a copy of someone else’s NFT. However, the ownership of a particular NFT belongs to the original purchaser.


In other words, everyone in Madripoor would have been able to take a picture. One of Sharon Carter I printed various paintings and exhibited them at home.It doesn’t change that fact Falcon and Winter Soldier Star I have the original.

The possibilities of NFTs are virtually endless, but the most common are in the form of digital art. Many consider NFTs as a modern way to collect art, and price tags reflect that. Like precious paintings, many NFTs are sold at a high price of 7 digits.

Larson shared her recent NFT purchases on social media, and the reaction wasn’t warm.


Brie Larson’s NFT promotion gets a backlash


Marvel fans are about the life of their superhero, but not the same with irreplaceable tokens.

Captain Marvel actress Brie Larson on Twitter evident Her new profile picture, NFT created by illustrator Varvara Alay:

This led to a big backlash from fans in the reply, many of which Environment issues Caused by digital art.


“Oh, you’re not. I don’t know how many celebrities need to hear this, but-* deep breathing * -NFTS and crypto are terribly bad for the environment, than the entire carbon footprint of some countries. It’s bad because it’s bad, tearing Kazakhstan in the Civil War. Please stop. “

others voiced Their concerns about how NFTs make “It makes it easier to steal works of art.”

“I think I was going to think about charity, but investing in an NFT is not a good idea. The amount of power needed to maintain just one is very harmful to the environment and the theft of art. Will be easier. Many people are afraid to post online anymore. “

one handle the “Ponzi scheme” To the nature of NFTs and Larson “Do a survey” Before buying.

“You are being manipulated to market the Ponzi scheme. This is a very bad thing. Do some research before the poor contribute to becoming poor. This is actively to people. It does harm. That’s a bad thing. “

another Said This tweet was enough to break the relationship with Larson.


“Friendship ended with Bree.”

Several Emphasis this is “Her choice” And Larson suggested that he was exposed to more criticism than other celebrities who bought NFTs.

“My god says that she bought a lot of NFTs … she’s just another person. A lot of repulsion.”


Bree’s NFT tweets have been “rated” on Twitter (more re-tweets than they like), proving that even the most enthusiastic Bree fans aren’t happy with her decision to support NFT. increase. With 9,000 likes and 15,000 retweets, this is one of the highest percentages big stars have ever received on Twitter.
After offending fans with NFT posts, Bree later posted a fascinating photo of himself.

Many fans believed that this photo was supposed to distract her from the NFT controversy. Fans haven’t forgotten it.


Controversial social media posts for MCU actors

This isn’t the first time a Marvel Studios actor has posted a polarized post on social media.

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantimania Star Evangeline Lilly I recently shared a photo on Instagram to support medical freedom With the COVID-19 vaccine.apart from Quantumania Wrapping shot a few months agoWith this particular post, fans have become skeptical of Lily’s future within the MCU. Problems that occurred in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Actress Letitia Wright..


That said, Larson’s NFT promotion stirs up the pot for a completely different reason.

What’s the problem with NFTs?

On the surface, it may be just digital art, but the road to NFT ownership is damaging to the world.

Fans criticized Larson’s tweet for the fact that the cryptocurrencies that generate these non-fungible tokens generate millions of tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions that heat the planet.I have some Called Fragments of these crypto arts “Ecological Nightmare Mouse Lecture”.


Given the huge platform of celebrities like Larson, many are concerned about the potential consequences of A-Listers promoting NFTs. At this point, Larson has not yet responded to the backlash.

Brie Larson’s next outing as Carol Danvers is still over a year away, the Captain Marvel The sequel has already been shot..title Marvels To reflect the nature of the movie’s three leads, MCU fans will see Larson’s Captain Marvel united with both. Iman Vellani’s Marvel When Monica Rambeau of Teyonah Parris Nowadays.

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