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Mantisco onboards for Ascent Program by Outlier Ventures for Web3 Games

  • Mantisco Selected for Ascent Program by Outlier Ventures, World’s Top Web3 Accelerator
  • Mantisco aims to release two AAA-rated Web3 games in 2023 and 2024

Seoul, South Korea, November 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Mantisco, a Web3 game developer and publisher based in Seoul, South Koreatoday announced the Ascent Program, joining Outlier Ventures, the industry’s leading global Web3 accelerator. This is his second Web3 partnership since Immutable X in October of this year.

Based in Outlier Ventures Londonis the top Web3 accelerator and founders community by investment. Outlier Ventures has partnered with 200 of his Web3 founders worldwide to lead their investments in Web3 while supporting DeFi, NFT and blockchain infrastructure startups. Recently, the most notable portfolios include Cosmos, Cudos, forming a successful and sustainable Web3 ecosystem.

Through the Ascent Program, Mantisco partners with Outlier Ventures. token Design and economics, community building, market positioning and other business related activities including fundraising and listing on top global exchanges.

Mantisco has focused on “setting sustainable standards for blockchain gaming, bringing together players from all backgrounds and offering games that allow users to actively participate with high rewards.” rice field. Mantisco “provides an element of excitement and fun to the community through stylish action-packed combat, in-game scenarios, and a variety of opportunities for users to improve their skills and enjoy true ownership of their in-game assets. It is assumed that we will compete with each other while

Mantisco has produced two AAA-rated Web3 games, Hunter’s Arena: Rebirth, a Play version of the previously released Hunter’s Arena: Legend with over 12 million downloads worldwide, and proprietary versions, as well as Unreal 5 We are developing ‘The Wild West’ built on the Mantisco Web3 gaming platform.

Hunter’s Arena: Rebirth is slated for release in 2023 and Wild West is slated for summer 2024.

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