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MADworld and Space Frontier Studio KIBO to Launch the First NFT of 2023 Featuring the First Space Sunrise of the New Year

This collection is part of an interactive live New Year’s broadcast from the International Space Station

Tokyo, December 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Innovative Web3 ecosystems MADworld and Space Frontier Studio KIBO (produced, designed and developed by Bascule Inc.) will host the first NFT of 2023 with a livestream of the first space sunrise. We are about to welcome the New Year by launching the This year’s. The Space Sunrise live program was captured by Space Frontier Studio KIBO, the only broadcast studio aboard the International Space Station (ISS), to interact in multiple ways with viewers around the world in their own homes. ties.

“As the first official NFT collection for 2023, MADworld and Space Frontier Studio KIBO are creating something special for collectors to share the first moments of the New Year on Earth.” Robert Tran, CEO of MADworld. Offering a series of fun games and prizes throughout his week, and ultimately connecting Space Frontier Studio KIBO with a global audience in their own homes, this collection shines a spotlight on cultural moments and brings Web3 emphasizes his MADworld mission to create a community in ”

This digital collection is part of a two-and-a-half-hour interactive live broadcast from space ushering in 2023, in which viewers will see Earth in 90 minutes while catching the first sunlight of 2023 from space. You can witness a live Earth view from the orbiting ISS. .

“It has been three years since Space Frontier Studio KIBO challenged the world’s first live communication.The view of the Earth from the International Space Station is wonderful. We believe that it is our mission to deliver and share this beautiful blue earth with all of us who live together on this earth. We are very excited to work with MADWorld to cross borders and share the first orbit of the Earth with people around the world as we enter the year 2023. A new era of communication I am waiting.” said my justicePresident of Space Frontier Studio KIBO/

The Astronaut Collection is available at: https://kibo.madworld.ioWhile waiting for the first NFT drop of the year, Astronaut holders will receive exclusive perks, participate in prize-winning week-long quests, and gain access to MADworld member-exclusive experiences rolling out in 2023.

Also, as part of the launch, we will reveal the opportunity to personalize your favorite NFTs, which will act as a pilot membership program. The goal is to use this opportunity to create her KIBO membership community for the WEB3 community.

“Regardless of customs, culture or geography, welcoming the New Year is something we all share, and MADworld offers new ways to celebrate. Philip Tran, CMO of MADworld. “Projects like MADworld x KIBO Astronaut breathe new life into the digital ecosystem and exactly show that we want to attract the attention of all collectors, not just space enthusiasts!”

About MADworld

crazy world is an innovative Web3 and digital asset ecosystem backed by Animoca Brands, colliding global cultures, communities and creativity on blockchain.As multiverse artist defender, MADworld provides value, security and provenance to creators, artists and fans across numerous niche communities such as anime/manga, fashion, action sports and music. MADworld aims to improve the fan experience, help creators economy, and push the boundaries of Web3 technology to reduce the barriers to onboarding his traditional Web2 audience to his Web3.

About Space Frontier Studio KIBO

Created, designed and developed by Bascule Inc., a project design company based in JapanCuriosity for the future that expands the area, creates a new “future standard” that transcends existing frameworks, and envisions the future.

Space Frontier Studio Kibo* is the world’s first interactive live video transmission that connects space and the ground by installing a broadcasting station on the International Space Station. Established in 2020, Space Frontier Studio Kibo has collaborated with JAXA and NASA to successfully launch more than 10 interactive programs connecting the ISS and Earth.

* KIBO, which means “hope” in Japanese, Japanese The first manned space facility on the International Space Station. “Kibo” is equipped with experimental equipment and facilities for conducting research in the fields of science, medicine, and education.

source mad world


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