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Luxury NFT Collection Reveals Unprecedented Reward

LAS VEGAS, NV, November 17, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — gem set Luxurious NFT collection “NFT” handled by artists Jonathan Schultz, announced today is to provide owners with real, physical diamonds. The move is a first in the NFT space.

GemSet has revealed that 2,500 diamonds are packaged and ready for delivery to owners of The Gemesis NFT Collection. Gemesis is his 2.5k NFT collection and provides an all-access pass to his upcoming GemSet drop, the 10k Generative NFT collection.

Diamond redemption process and additional rewards

For each Gemesis NFT with one redeemable diamond, the owner is required to submit a KYC (Know Your Customer) process to verify identity and ensure diamonds are shipped to a valid address. information must be provided. Non-diamond gem set rewards consist of over $200,000 in physical artwork, including hand painted canvases with layers of 23kt gold and gem set merchandise hand crafted by Schultz.

Both the GemSet and Gemesis collections were created by Schultz himself. All artwork is hand-painted with features and characteristics inspired by nostalgic his 90’s and his early 00’s toys, games, movies and technology.

artwork and events

A South African artist and entrepreneur, he is inspired by the country’s most precious natural resources, precious metals and diamonds, and has an international reputation for his ability to incorporate these resources into his physical creations. One of Schultz’s most notable works is his reproduction of the late Nelson Mandela’s fingerprints. Encrusted with 9,225 diamonds, set in 18K white gold.

Most recently, Schultz unveiled the cover star and model for Haute Living of the Month. Cindy Crawford, in a dress to celebrate her achievement at a private event in Malibu, California. Las Vegas Food & Wine Chef of the Year, Todd Englishand the Miami Heat’s Udonis Haslem He is one of the celebrities to whom Schultz has given a piece of art.

Schultz will exhibit this work at Art Basel Miami 2022, including his gallery, Jonathan Schultz Gallery, in the Miami Design District.

About Gemset
gem set – GemSet is the premier luxury NFT collection created by innovative artist and entrepreneur Jonathan Schultz. All artwork and properties of each NFT, called Gems, are hand-painted by Schultz himself. Gems are described as spiritual beings who represent all of our true selves. They are fluid, inclusive, rambunctious, and unbounded in space and time. Each Gem NFT contains nostalgic properties that will take you back to your childhood and give you a real diamond in your diamond hands.
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About Jonathan
South African artist Jonathan Schultz pushes the boundaries of art. Inspired by diamonds, Mr. Schultz is widely known for his ability to blend precious stones into his iconic creations. His most notable work is Nelson’s giant 3D reproduction of his Mandela fingerprint, set in 18k white his gold with over 9k diamonds. He is touted as one of the greatest diamond sculptures created in the 21st century. Now, Schultz is paving the way for his digital luxury future through the @GemSet NFT, keeping diamonds alive forever on the blockchain.



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