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LuckyBuy Introduces the New Solution for Acquiring Rare

NEW YORK, NY, Aug. 31, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Recently, LuckyBuy announced the release of a new solution for acquiring rare NFTs for its users. The wild world of NFTs has taken the crypto world by storm over the past 12 months. It’s not loved by everyone, but it gets most of the attention due to the number and volume of projects that have emerged in this area. focus on. However, the high cost of his single NFT makes it reluctant for the average player. In the past, harvesting small amounts of high-value NFTs and crypto may have only existed in dreams.

LuckyBuy will launch in July 2022 with the potential to be 100% transparent and fair, allowing users to participate in “fair hunting” to win high value NFTs and cryptocurrencies at the lowest prices . As the first website to offer high-value NFTs at more affordable prices, LuckyBuy offers a solution to increase the liquidity of NFTs and lower the threshold for his NFTs without high costs.

“In web2.0, you could get mobile phones, toys, electronics and other things for $1 or less. LuckyBuy’s business model has been very successful in web2.0. Our product R&D department is the first team in this business model… We had never seen a product in web 3.0, or at all, so we started thinking: why this web3.0? Why not revolutionize the industry?” said Santos Mario, Lead Product Designer at LuckyBuy. is always available online, with a number of rare NFTs of his coming soon. So it’s quite possible that someone in the future will get his BAYC with only his 1U on his LuckyBuy. ”

With a healthier economic model, Web3’s LuckyBuy subverts traditional modes. The more users participate in the lottery, the more his TOKEN rewards will be received. LuckyBuy attaches great importance to each participant’s contribution to the platform, and all actions and contributions of participants are recorded in the form of points.

The Lucky Genesis Pass will be released for the first time by the end of next month. This will act as a token of early userhood and allow you to share with the empowerment of the platform. Users with a Lucky Genesis Pass are entitled to community suggestions, exclusive welfare bonus pools, priority to experience features, bonus points, and more airdrops and tokens in the future .

LuckyBuy announced that a fund for investment projects with giants is now being set up. The foundation is dedicated to improving users’ product experience and providing long-term and sustainable services.

LuckyBuy’s ultimate goal is long-term sustainable development and we double our efforts to provide value to all our users. Stay tuned for new events on the platform.

About safety

Winners get full NFTs without worrying about transparency. Technically speaking, the process has her three stages:

  • First, after all the codes are sold out, the data is converted to HASH and recorded in the blockchain, and the random number 1 is the last 8 decimal digits of the hash according to SHA256.
  • Then the system gets the nonce of the 10th block of Ethereum. The random number 2 is the last 8 decimal digits of this nonce.
  • Finally, it calculates the lucky code according to a specific algorithm (see the official website for details).

About Lucky Buy

LuckyBuy is a web3commerce platform with gamification elements. Backed by blockchain technology and based on multi-chain, users can earn their NFTs and cryptos of high value by participating in fair “treasure hunt” events at the lowest prices.

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