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L’Oréal Paris enters NFT space to support Women of Worth philanthropy

L’Oreal Paris will dive into the world of NFT cryptocurrencies on Monday and use philanthropy to enter space.

L’Oreal Paris commissioned five female artists (Amber Vittoria, Arena BB, Feman, Lilite, Pax) to create NFT art. These pieces are inspired by the red tint of the new L’Oreal Paris Reds of Worth Bicolorish lipstick, launched in November. The auction will be held from December 13th to 16th at the NFT auction site OpenSea. L’Oreal Paris wanted to note that there are no female representatives in the NFT space in its approach to NFT. According to a November report from an art market analysis company, female artists account for less than 16% of the NFT art market and only 5% of NFT sales. ArtTactic..

Maude Brunschwig, marketing svp at L’Oreal Paris, said: “We are not thinking [only] NFT instead of others [male-dominated] Sector; This is one blank opportunity we have seen that L’Oréal Paris can help elevate women of value and value, while at the same time providing consumers with new technologies inspired by beauty and value. It’s just that. “

The artist holds 100% of the primary sale. Meanwhile, 50% of secondary market sales, which can be considered royalties, will be donated to L’Oréal’s philanthropic Women of Worth for a year. Therefore, the artist can still earn recognition and income even after the work confirms the first transaction. Each NFT starts with a minimum charge of $ 1,500. At the end of the NFT auction, there will be a one-hour broadcast event at NBC for the Women of Worth Awards Ceremony.

Cat Turner, Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder of Creative Agency Cult, who launched his own charitable NFT, said: December art campaign. “NARS’s recent advance into NFTs was an interpretation of Orgasm, whose third release was the well-known product line. It was created by DJ and producer Nina Kraviz. NFTs are becoming more and more mainstream. The opportunity for more women to create and invest in NFTs continues to evolve positively as they move to. “

NFT art design by Amber Vittoria

In the last 6 months A handful of beauty-led NFTs From other than NARS. Clinique, Ciaté London, Elf Cosmetics, Givenchy Parfum and the Australian skin care brand Sunny Skin have all approached in different ways. In the case of Clinique, we tied the NFT campaign to members of the loyalty program. Loyalty members shared an “optimistic story” on Instagram, Tiktok, and Twitter, and along with one of the three editions of NFT artwork, won the chance to win a free product for 10 years. Both Ciaté London and Elf Cosmetics sold NFTs that were directly associated with products such as Ciaté London’s Christine Quinn collection. Givenchy Parfum also took a philanthropic approach to create and sell NFTs in partnership with London gallery owner Amar Singh and a group of Rewind artists. The proceeds benefited the LGBTQ youth nonprofit Le MAG Jeunes. Sunnyskin calls the NFT series “Australian Angels” based on animals native to Australia such as koalas. Owners of the Aussie Angel NFT have access to special features related to the Sunny Skin brand, but no additional details were available.

Brunschwig said L’Oréal Paris will use social channels, owned platforms, influencer networks to spread the news and eventually participate in auctions. The artist will also talk to OpenSea, United Talent Agency, and L’Oreal on Twitter Spaces on December 14th. The purpose is to raise awareness of the auction, inspire works, programs, and experience as a female artist in the NFT space.

“What I learned after joining the NFT community is that my work is important. It may be scary to be in a bigger world, but with many fellow artists from all over the world. The supporters also encouraged and encouraged me, “says Lili Taie. “This project is an opportunity to inspire self-confidence through my artwork. How self-confidence contributes to my self-worth and how the red color sparks to achieve this. I want to tell you. “

Brunschwig said:Ambition … Regarding the following digital things [for L’Oréal Paris], We have always listened to consumers and got clues from her. So if she’s wearing it, playing, or spending time on it, it’s interesting to be there to get to where she is. “

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