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Lithium Finance announcing its Mainnet Beta Launch

Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

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Hong Kong Special Administrative Region – media outreach – December 8, 2022 – Lithium Finance, the first decentralized valuation protocol for illiquid assets, launches mainnet beta on the Polygon network on December 12, 2022. With this launch, users will be able to get accurate and decentralized price valuations of NFTs.

Lithium Finance combines community wisdom with machine learning to provide deep market insights. It aims to help investors better understand the value of their digital assets and make informed risk and investment decisions.

The mainnet beta launch introduces three key features to provide decentralized NFT evaluation.

1. Machine learning

lithium finance Proprietary Algorithm Analyze millions of transactions to generate instant valuations for every NFT. Its quantitative model also identifies potentially inaccurate machine learning estimates, such as unreliable price predictions for rare NFTs due to insufficient trading history. In those cases, Lithium Finance complements machine learning with wisdom from the community via a hybrid pricing model.

2. Collective intelligence

What sets Lithium Finance apart is the wisdom of the crowd from the community. Lithium Finance approaches the evaluation of NFTs from a behavioral finance perspective. If there is statistically inadequate trading data, consult the community to fill gaps in pricing information. The community is encouraged to contribute genuine market insights through the protocol in order to earn rewards.

3. Hybrid real-time valuation

lithium finance Hybrid evaluation model Incorporating both traditional machine learning and community input, it provides a holistic evaluation of NFTs in real-time, even when historical transaction data is scarce.

Lithium Finance uses collective intelligence to provide accurate valuation of illiquid assets through sustainable tokenomics. Initially, the project will focus on providing evaluation of NFT collections.

FIRST Pricing Quest & Airdrop

In the first pricing quest, Lithium Finance $ 1,000,000 with prizes. You can join the Pricing Quest starting December 12th at 10am UTC.

To celebrate the mainnet beta release, the project also has a giveaway 1212 participants from 1212 $LITH Who participated in the first quest! A launch party will be held in Taiwan during Taipei Blockchain Week on December 14, 2022. Join their discord for more information.

About Lithium Finance

Lithium Finance is the first decentralized NFT evaluation protocol powered by collective intelligence and machine learning. Redefining valuations by encouraging true valuations from the community to reveal market sentiment.

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