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Linkdood Offers an Exclusive and Secure NFT Community Platform for Businesses Globally

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, July 26, 2022 / PRNewswire /-Companies considering incorporating NFT communities into their services can rest assured with Linkdood NFT for Communities...

Linkdood is taking a new direction in the direction of NFTs, focusing solely on creating communities that benefit owners, clients, and customer solutions. Linkdood creates an NFT known for its unique and unique identity. client Be part of building a new generation of communities by bringing opportunities and security to the world of NFTs.

Companies have long sought new ways to keep their customers up-to-date with social media updates and seasonal events. The Linkdood NFT-based community allows businesses to leverage their current customer database to create new ways to interact with their customers. NFT-based communities can be used to build stronger customer relationships through direct involvement. Customers will be more valuable and have a better experience, resulting in better conversion rates and revenue growth.

Having a Linkdood NFT-based community makes it easier and more frequent for businesses to engage with their customers. By pairing NFTs with Linkdood’s secure in-house app, LCP, you can bring members’ cherry picking to the community.

Linkdood NFT based community

Traditionally, setting up membership has been a huge workload and expensive to set up. Integrating an entirely new system with a company’s point-of-sale system has always been a challenge for many companies. Linkdood NFT for the community solves this problem by providing a standard off-the-shelf platform for everyone.

Why Linkdood? In line with the company’s philosophy of 100% transparency with consumers, the hidden cost of developing a service or community linked to an LCP service is not contract-based, but a cost-effective structure, so companies You can use it with confidence.Sudden assault from nowhere..

The limelight of NFTs brings a lot of unnecessary attention, not just fraud, if the opportunity arises. Linkdood brings security to the NFT community. Creating a community stage directly on the Linkdood Communication Platform creates a secure community platform.

LCP ensures secure communication through private cloud servers, multidimensional cloud security protection, and end-to-end encryption technology. Next Generation Secure Cloud Office Business Communication is a new way of communication. The LCP platform is available at the following URL: https://marketing.linkdood.com/linkdood-nft/

For more information on the Linkedood Communications Platform for NFTs, please send an email below. Marketing@linkdood.com



About Linkdood

First established April 2014, LINKDOOD TECHNOLOGIES SDN BHD is an information technology company specializing in data security management. Linkdood works with cybersecurity experts to create solutions for the information security industry, from behavioral control, desktop security management and data security management to instant messaging, network access and email auditing. The MalaysiaBase companies are also developing smart city infrastructure, big data, and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions.

Website: https://www.linkdood.com/


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