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LimeWire Is Coming Back as an NFT Marketplace

LimeWire is the nostalgic name for dust-biting peer-to-peer file sharing in 2011, returning with a new owner in May, focusing above all on NFTs.A brand synonymous with sharing, and Illegal downloadMusic and video turn to these media formats as part of the NFT Marketplace, “without the technical hurdles of the current NFT landscape.”

The revival of LimeWire is in favor of Paul and Julian Zehetmayr, co-founders of b2b software company Stack Holdings. The duo positions the new LimeWire as a service for “NFT beginners” who may want to enter the speculative market but do not have a good grasp of the crypto market.

“The biggest challenge for digital collectibles and the general crypto market as a whole is that it is actually limited to a small group of knowledgeable users,” Paul Zehetmayr said in a statement. “If you’re an average music fan on the internet, you may not own cryptocurrencies or have access to crypto wallets, much less understand how collectibles work on the blockchain. Maybe. We want to remove all these obstacles, make it easier for people to join, and at the same time provide an exciting platform for cryptocurrencies natively. “

One of the main ways LimeWire claims to achieve this is to provide traditional payment methods that do not require a cryptocurrency wallet. Through a partnership with payment platform Wyre, users will be able to purchase NFTs and other digital collections via credit cards, bank transfers, and other common means.

This is not a whole new concept in the field of cryptography. Coinbase, Rarible, MoonPay (one of the companies behind the recent frowning push of celebrity NFT promotions) already offers cryptocurrency and NFT credit card purchases, but purchases of crypto assets with credit. There are several ways to make it easier Disadvantage It is not widely known. Many credit card issuers consider cryptocurrency purchases to be cash advance loans, which incur higher interest rates and additional charges.

What LimeWire is trying to separate itself is that those purchases get you. “It’s important to note that instead of restarting LimeWire as an alternative to the streaming platform, it’s restarted as an additional channel for artists to sell their exclusive music and art directly to collectors,” Julian Zehetmayr said. I am saying. “It also provides a unique way for artists to connect and interact with the community of their most loyal fans.”

The company claims to work with “leading artists” to create exclusive content and build its own community tools that connect artists directly to “the most loyal groups of fans and buyers.” .. No artist has been named so far, but the company lists HER and Wu-Tang Clan management team members among its partners and advisors. The LimeWire roadmap hints at a “formal launch into the film industry” in the fourth quarter of 2022, but the details of such a launch are not detailed in the company’s announcement.

Along with Zehetmayrs, LimeWire’s management team features multiple crypto veterans, most of whom previously worked in Europe. Peter Thiel-Support Cryptocurrency exchange bit panda.

LimeWire aims to register 1 million users in the first year and is currently Waiting list For those who are interested before the release. Its first NFT Airdrop will award an exclusive NFT to the top 10,000 “invitees”, that is, people on the waiting list who onboard other users via referral links.


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