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Lil Nas X and the history of gay hip-hop

The rap is changing. The immutable rules of this genre and the behavior of its participants have loosened considerably over the last decade. At the heart of this generational gap is Lil Nas X.

Before it came out, the world of rap was almost unanimous and liked the nifty newcomers, except for a few outliers. Will you post? Lil Nas X somehow united the alt-right and hip-hop old guards through their deeply rooted homosexual aversion while dominating the Spotify charts. As an avid hip-hop fan, I was a little shocked to grab the vigilant pearls of the “Old Head” delegation of the genre that refused to accept Lil Nas X. He is not the first gay rap artist.

Hip-hop historian Mars has produced videos introducing a number of gay rap stars since the genre was founded. Mars carefully examines his prejudices against hip-hop gay artists while comprehensively walking through the video’s most prominent “homo hop” MC. This video is useful information about the history of one of the previously ignored sub-genres of hip-hop.

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