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“Lil’ Heroes” NFT Collection From Spanish Artist Edgar Plans Reaches #1 Spot on OpenSea at Reveal

Los Angeles – ()-Spanish artists Edgar Plans, Exile Content Studio, and Curatible’s “Lil’Heroes” NFT collection, launched on Sunday 16th January, are the number one spot on OpenSea when the collection was first released on Sunday. Has been reached. It continues to appear on OpenSea’s Top 10 NFTs on January 23rd.

At the time of publication, the “Lil’Heroes” collection traded for over $ 32.7 million in just seven days from Mentha, with a minimum price of six times the original price and some NFTs selling for 46.6 ETH. time. The “Lil’Heroes” community currently has more than 140,000 members on Discord, including top celebrities and industry leaders.

“This is a great start to a unique and innovative project that pushes the boundaries of art, film, storytelling and blockchain technology,” said Daniel Eilemberg, content president at Exile Content Studio. “This is one of the first examples of decentralized IP where blockchain technology meets Hollywood.”

Edgar Plans states: The community is embracing our vision and this is just the beginning. The future of Lil’Heroes is huge. ”

Founder’s long-term vision “Lil’Heroes” is an entertainment franchise, leveraged by NFTs, and the community co-creating storylines.

In March, “Lil’Heroes” will participate in a charity auction of contemporary art hosted by Sotheby’s. Massine Benoukaci, a partner at Curatible, said: “We offer a unique 1-of-1’Lil’Heroes’ NFT created by Edgar and all proceeds will be donated to charity.”

About Exile Content Studio

Exile Content Studio produces premium long and short content in Spanish and English for viewers around the world across multiple platforms including television, film, audio and digital. Launched in 2018, the award-winning team of full-service studios recently co-produced Todo Va A Estar Bien With Diego Luna as a showrunner Sueno Real, About journalists Anapastor and Real Madrid women’s soccer team.Before launch, Exile’s team will have three seasons El CHAPO Behind the acclaimed Emmy and Sundance Audience award-winning documentaries for Netflix, Science fairIn addition to Netflix Who killed Malcolm X When Uploader..

Exile works with talented Latin creators to lead the variety of entertainment while continuing to develop high-impact original content. To facilitate their commitment to pave the way for Latin female writers, directors and showrunners, Exile is a program recently created for the discovery and development of emerging female Latin content creators. I created a Latina Talent Incubator.

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