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Lil Durk Is Disrupting NFT Fashion With New Company NXTG3NZ

The popularity of NFTs or non-fungible tokens began in the third quarter of 2021, with transactions reaching 11.7 billion by the fourth quarter. Opensea, the largest NFT marketplace, set a new record in January this year, with $ 4.8 billion worth of NFTs sold. Despite price fluctuation patterns, NFTs show no signs of slowdown. The Metaverse is still in its infancy and NFTs play a central role in providing a way to own virtual assets such as fashion, art, business and housing.

In 2019, Fortnite generated $ 1 billion in-game skins in the avatar market, validated the demand for collectable fashion in the Metaverse, and opened the door for fashion brands and designers to leverage the NFT market. Currently, game skins for avatars are in the $ 40 billion market and are expected to rise to $ 265.4 billion by 2026.

One of the first rappers to leave his mark on the Metaverse through the profitable NFT fashion skin market is Lil Durk.Known for his raw lyricism, his successful mixtape on his label Only The Family, and now his “7220”. NXTG3NZ Durk, an NFT digital sneaker, has expanded its business portfolio and legacy with the new digital wearable company NXTG3NZ. Co-founded by Lil Durk, Satoshi Design, And Nexus, NXTG3NZ Digital Wearables are set to revolutionize the Metaverse shoe industry. “Power has moved to artists and their fans at Blockchaintech. I want to be a strong voice in the Metaverse and NFT community, not only as a successful rapper / entrepreneur, but also at the forefront of this movement.” .. Lil Durk..

Designed by the legendary Devonte’Black, the NXTG3NZ has a total of 10,000 tokens and is used in avatars throughout the digital domain while proving physical ownership. Genesis token holders included in Lil Durk’s 7220NXTG3NZ Roadmap will have the opportunity to design sneakers with Devonte and NFT’s elite creative team. “We are here to show the world that you don’t have to be a genius and you don’t have to be 5 degrees to learn NFT and crypto space. We understand the process. So we teach the community in the language they understand. Win together! ”Says Stally, CEO of Satoshi Designs.

With his visual creator, Joe MooreLil Durk sat in an interview to talk about his decision to enter the crypto space with NFTs. Dark, a family man, wants to create a legacy for his family through NFTs and the Metaverse. Moore said this about Lil Durk’s success and the new company NXTG3NZ. “I’ve been working with Dark since 2015, so it’s always great to see him reach new heights and pursue great opportunities.”

This interview has been edited for brevity and clarity.

For (bes) The Culture: How do you feel about NASDAQ having the NXTG3NZ Billboard?

Lil Durk: It feels good. Having that NASDAQ billboard is a big deal for me. It’s a great achievement of all I have done and I am grateful for every moment.

For (bes) The Culture: Co-founded NXTG3NZ Satoshi Designs and Nexus are new territories, not only as entertainers, but also as entrepreneurs. Why did you decide to shift it to NFT and crypto space?

Lil Durk: I focused on the NFT market, but I didn’t see much fashion. I saw art. I was interested in fashion and known for my style, so I felt that the fashion part of NFT was missing. And I thought it was perfect to combine them first.

For (bes) The Culture: How do you think NFTs and blockchain technology in the Metaverse will change your hip-hop presence? Is there a Lil Durk concert in the Metaverse?

Lil Durk: When it comes to the Metaverse, there are many non-believers, but it has proven to be the future. We’re working on a deal with Grand Theft Auto, which has its own world in the game, shooting videos with live concerts. So we are keeping ahead and the world needs to catch up.

For (bes) The Cultures: What’s next for your business?

Lil Durk: Outside the Metaverse, the next step is to continue working and put together my goals. I want to do things that people don’t expect, such as movies. So while everyone is sleeping, they are looking for:

For (bes) The Culture: How do you know which metaverse to invest in?

Lil Durk: You really don’t know what works. It’s about taking risks and making people around you believe the same as you.

For (bes) The Culture: Did you find NXTG3NZ as an organic move in partnership with Satoshi Designs and Nexus?

Lil Durk: The two people who brought this idea to me are like my brothers who were with me from the beginning. I was learning at the same time they introduced me to this idea. So when Satoshi Designs and Nexus disassembled everything into me, I saw their vision. There is no such thing, so I knew this would win.

For (bes) The Culture: What do you want Lil Durk’s legacy to be?

Lil Durk: I am a family member. I want to turn all hatred into love. I want to be known for doing good for the poor, caring for schools, and doing what is needed to take young children to the next level. I don’t want to be known as a Hollywood guy who did nothing positive with his influence. Many people talk about it, but I show it through my actions.

For more information on how to get a pair of 7220 digital NFT sneakers, please visit: NXTG3NZ..


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