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Legendary cricketer Yuvraj Singh launches his premium NFT collection, Sports News

After successfully launching the famous celebrity NFT from a fraternity of art and sports, Collection re-conceived the exclusive NFT drop of legendary cricket player Yubradisin. Putting his own digital avatar into the Metaverse, the profound cricket player entered the digital space with the launch of a non-fungible token dedicated to his beloved fans.

Yubradisin launched the warrior NFT for $ 40 so fans can witness historic moments. This affordable yet premium NFT drop has attracted a lot of attention from people who have been supporting their favorite stars for a long time. Collection has also witnessed a tremendous reaction to their latest trump version. As many as 30 celebrities in the fields of music, cricket and Bollywood launched digital collector’s items at Collection on December 12th. The NFT Marketplace has also launched a unique virtual museum featuring Yuvraj’s groundbreaking journey and his premium NFT collection, which has attracted the attention of viewers around the world.

By purchasing NFTs, buyers can enjoy various benefits such as playing 6 balls at Yubraji and winning exclusive products for cricket players. Fans will have the opportunity to interact in the form of merchandise and signed souvenirs and earn valuable rewards.

Regarding his new collection, cricket player said: “Cricket NFTs allow us to connect with our fans like never before. We are happy to partner with Collection to share the valuable tokens of our cricket journey with those who love and encourage me. Increasingly, developing a digital avatar that can connect and share your love for cricket is a powerful concept, and Colexion has taken the first step in the world. “

“Yuvraj Singh’s premium NFT collection will be an opportunity for fans to interact with their favorite stars like never before. Cricket bats will be launched with 3D,” said Abhay Aggrawal, CEO of Colexion. Statue. Offers a special opportunity for fans to own digital collections. Collection allows fans to witness this historic event and become part of this massive revolution. We are creating an interesting digital space for him to interact with his fans. He is now able to “own” a special moment in his career. “

Bibin Babu, co-founder of Colexion, said: “We are focused on creating a robust NFT ecosystem through our Premium NFT Collection and Play-to-Earn NFT Games to ensure a healthy and transparent ecosystem. We hope that more celebrities will partner with us through our active involvement in becoming a brand and making a big difference in the NFT world. “

Colexion is known for creating exclusive NFTs for well-established celebrities. The fact that artwork is sold at such a reasonable price also shows that such art is seeking more mainstream acceptance.

Not only this, Yuvi fans also created his first DAO-“Yuvi DAO” as a gesture of love and support. DAO is one of the world’s first collector’s DAOs in the Sports & Entertainment segment, bringing all entertainment fans to the Web 3. Launched with Colexion, Polygon’s main marketplace, this exclusive collection is the world of digital collections. This personalized DAO is likely to attract bids from major investors to acquire a rare collection. DAO can be thought of as a friend on the internet with a shared checking account.

Recently, the demand for NFTs has increased exponentially in India, and more and more celebrities are on the rise. Most notable are the megastars such as Glen Maxwell, Brendon McCullam, Pankaji Advani, Salim-Sulaiman, Dwayne Bravo, Armil Ally, and the end of profound celebrities and personalities from the entertainment world. We are continuously adding players to no list, lifestyle, and sports.

With NFT sales soaring to record highs, this launch is another sign of how fierce the market has become. Asia’s most important markets are said to meet these growing demands through exclusive collaboration and the largest decline in NFTs. Many NFTDAOs have already appeared, and we are making a flashy purchase in January for NFT enthusiasts. So far, hundreds of people have signed up for the Collection site and are taking part in the next NFT auction.

Colexion’s affordable yet premium NFT collection comes when the value of digital art and NFTs rises significantly. NFTs have emerged as an opportunity for users to own unique assets that are unique in the world. In addition, the trends of celebrities, athletes, gamers and artists who jumped into the NFT space to experiment with their fate on the blockchain are promising. In short, the world is currently witnessing only the tip of the iceberg. The revolution is overflowing.


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