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Legend Animator from Japan to Launch Identity Defining NFT Brand “BOSO Tokyo” – Press release Bitcoin News

press release. BOSO TOKYO has announced the launch of the NFT project “BOSO TOKYO”, a brand that defines the identity of Metaverse.

BOSO TOKYO has started an NFT gift campaign to commemorate its release.Check details here By completing a few simple tasks, you have a chance to win BOSOTOKYONFT.

About Boso Tokyo

Boso Tokyo Is an NFT brand that aims to create avatars that can be used as a common identity in multiple metaverses. As a generative NFT, BOSO TOKYO uses algorithms to create random combinations for each avatar’s body, face, clothing, accessories and other parts.

BOSO TOKYO is an original brand of Avatar from Tokyo. Unlike many Japanese-inspired anime and video game-inspired OpenSea NFTs, BOSO aims to create a completely original collection.

Hidetaka TenjinIllustrator Gundam, Star Wars I participate in mechanical illustration, BOSO TOKYO as a main designer and work on avatar production.

AfromanceCo-founder of Burning Japan When Bubble party I’m a creative director.

What’s more, an all-star team of crypto and NFT specialists and top Japanese creators will come together to bring you a truly authentic NFT collection from central Tokyo.

The word “BOSO” comes from the Japanese motorcycle gang “Bosozoku”. Hundreds of people were cruising together on these gangs on customized bikes designed to make a loud noise. In Japanese, “boso” means “don’t care” and is the motto when riding a bicycle. The runaway tribe was, in a sense, a “symbol of freedom.”

Project vision

The term “Metaverse” was first used in the 1982 science fiction novel “Snow Crash” and existed long before Bitcoin was born.

However, without blockchain technology, the “unique ID” of the digital world wouldn’t work. People can simply copy and paste. .. NFT and blockchain technology solve this problem. In the digital world, or the Metaverse, self-establishment is only possible with NFTs.

BOSO believes that as the era of parallel metaverse becomes the norm, it will be important for individuals to be able to build IDs or avatars that are recognizable in all digital worlds.


Currently, these future points are Boso Tokyo

  1. Staking = “REVVING”

Rotate the engine and rotate the BŌSŌNFT. You can passively earn rewards by staking BŌSŌNFT.

2. Unlimited commercial usage rights to our IP

You own an NFT and you own an IP right. Such a simple.

3. Exclusive community access

Holding an NFT gives owners exclusive access to communities and events. NFT holders can also vote for BOSO TOKYO DAO and take advantage of various other benefits.

4. Metaverse Avatar

BOSO will distribute NFT 3D avatars. Are you ready for the Metaverse?

5. Event

BOSO will hold a large-scale event to spread the BOSO culture to the world.

6. Partnership

Some of the key players in the Web3 and crypto industry have already empathized with the BOSO TOKYO concept and are participating as partners in this project.

BOSO TOKYO is inspired by the longing for freedom of Japanese biker gangs. The slogan “DENJO-DENGE-YUIGA-DOKUSON” means every individual unique in the Metaverse.

BOSO TOKYO is a brand for people who believe in the potential of the Metaverse and seek more freedom. I would like to share Japanese creators and culture with people all over the world. With our special team, we create brands, communities, opportunities, and futures that haven’t been seen yet.

BOSO TOKYO Official Website:



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Image credit: Shutterstock, AIXabay, Wikicommons

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