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Leading NFT Marketplace Opensea Surpasses $10 Billion in All-Time Sales – Blockchain Bitcoin News

This weekend, Opensea, a non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace, has sold more than $ 10 billion to date. According to statistics, 629,867 traders have contributed $ 10 billion in sales, with an average selling price of $ 872 per NFT since the launch of the NFT market.

Opensea records $ 10 billion in sales

NFTs were very popular in 2021 and that trend continues towards the end of the year. Most recently, News featured NFT industry and market behavior data edited by The Report The third quarter of 2021 showed that it broke records that exceeded the NFT metrics recorded in the first and second quarters.Today, the major NFT marketplace, Opensea, has reached a record milestone. Over $ 10 billion With NFT sales so far.

Opensea is the largest NFT market to date in terms of payments, and the second largest NFT project is Axie Infinity. Axie Infinity has sold $ 2.99 billion to date and recently launched the NFT Marketplace. Axie Infinity’s sales are 29.90% of Opensea’s sales so far, and NFT games built on Ethereum have 1,031,704 traders.

Opensea’s $ 10 billion in revenue follows the company’s revenue. Raise $ 100 Million At the end of July. Venture capital Andreessen Horowitz led the Series B round, with investors such as Kevin Durant, Ashton Kutcher and Tobias Tobi. Financing has also pushed Opensea into the category of unicorn companies.

But following funding, Opensea management Dismissed an employee After the crypto community blames employees for insider trading. 4 days later, Opensea Marketplace Launched smartphone app Therefore, users can access the NFT market using their mobile phones.

Increased polygon-based open ocean action — top traders collect art blocks, BAYC

In addition to Opensea’s Ethereum network support, the NFT Marketplace also leverages Polygon. Ethereum’s monthly Opensea volume has been declining every month since August. August was the highest ever Polygon-based Opensea transaction, but has been stable for the past two months. According to Dune Analytics statistics, the maximum number of monthly active traders using Polygon-based Opensea transactions is September.

Opensea has seen $ 1.25 billion in payments, but the average price for Opensea’s overall lifetime operation is $ 872 per NFT. metric.. At the time of this writing, according to Dune Analytics, Opensea’s top 500 traders trade the most in the Art Blocks collection, followed by the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC). Art Blocks and BAYC are followed by Cool Cats, Bored Ape Kennel Club (BAKC) and Cryptotoadz.

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