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Land-based, asset-generating Web3 game Illuvium: Zero all set to launch

The third facet of Illuvium’s long-awaited “Interoperable Blockchain Games” ecosystem launches today (January 6th).

This is an important milestone not only for the Australian founded project, but for the Web3 gaming space in general. Because Illuvium is a title widely touted within crypto circles as a serious contender for true AAA gaming status.

Ilvium: What is Zero? It’s a resource-generating, city-building-style companion game, and Illuvium’s other two core elements – Overworld and Arena (both in beta test mode).

This component has been released in alpha status and can be played by any Illuvium participant who owns land. Once in beta, Illuvium: Zero will be free-to-play and open to the general public.

Worth owning land in Irvium

Own land? Last June, in one of the toughest phases of the ongoing bear market, the Illuvium team had a huge success with 20,000 parcels of land sold to his 5,000 buyers, raising a total of US$72 million. We implemented a virtual land sale that contains

At the time, Kieran Warwick, co-founder of the project, said that owning land in Ilvium was “aA mine with 10 years of residual income”.

Of course it’s not like owning Lithium, Gold, Silver or Copper Miningbut there’s still something to that statement for crypto fans. ) has skyrocketed in value leading up to the game’s launch, averaging around 48% over the past week.

Ahead of the event, Co-Founder and Chief Gaming Officer Aaron Warwick said:

“Illuvium: Zero is one of the three pillars of the Illuvium universe, and players will quickly see the utility of owning Illuvium Land. I can’t wait to see the gameplay strategies developed.”

Meanwhile, Illuvium Chief Technology Officer John Avery believes casual mobile game players will enjoy what Illuvium describes as Zero’s “simple yet complex gameplay,” and that Illuvium’s other Not to mention the opportunity to influence the in-game prices of the two games in .

“One of the unique aspects of Illuvium Zero is the deep interaction between the in-game economy and the real world marketplace,” said Avery. “Players can use in-game industrial estates to create and convert ERC-20 tokens, leading to interesting possibilities. We can take advantage of market differences (arbitrage).”

“We care about the gaming experience”

NFTs continue to receive pushback from the broader gaming market. This is despite, or perhaps partly due to, the increased interest and investment Web3/NFT games and metaverse ventures are seeing from outside the crypto bubble.

(As an example, at the end of last year, the president of Activision Blizzard announced He had left the company to become CEO of blockchain company Yuga Labs, which owns the Bored Apes and CryptoPunks brands. )

Still, Kieran Warwick says Illuvium’s goal is to change that negative connotation.

“We are built on Immutable X, a carbon-neutral platform that removes environmental backlash. We also build our universe with gamers in mind. , we value experience. If players can make money in our world, consider it a bonus.”

Illuvium plans to reveal the entire game world in mid-2023.

The content of this article should not be construed as financial advice.

This is not sponsored content, but for full disclosure, the author has collected several ILV tokens and 4 patches of Illuvium Land, as well as some ETH, BTC, and others he has accumulated over time. holds a variety of crypto assets. Well, we’re not exactly risk-averse here.

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