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Konami Reveals New Banlist Affecting 12 Cards For Upcoming Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel Patch In January

Upcoming January 10th update Yu-Gi-Oh!master duelThe ban list shows 12 cards that participate in the Limited, Semi-Limited, and Unlimited categories. Some of these bring back powerful quirks, but those that are used in strong decks are limited.

Konami announced the banned list via Master Duel sitePlayers will have 2 cards added to the Limited list, 8 added to Semi-Limited, and 2 back to Unlimited.

Of the 8 semi-limited cards, “Shintohime – Kagari” and “Supreme King Dragon Darkwurm” come with Sky Striker and powerful Pendulum Deck tools. However, cards like “The Urn of Duality” and “Card of the End” move from 3 to his 2, limiting the power of his recent runic deck.

Master Duel turns one year old next month and has been nominated for Steam’s “Best Game On the Go” award. A player enjoying the game on his PC, laptop or Steam Deck at home Vote for Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel for Steam Awards 2022.

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