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KOKOSWAP has Launched an Exclusive NFT Collection for the KOKOVERSE on OPENSEA

Labuan, Malaysia / ACCESSWIRE / January 15, 2022 / The wait has officially ended! Koko Swap participated in the NFT game. An NFT-based gaming platform called “The Kokoverse” debuted on Saturday, January 15, 2022. NFT takes users on a journey through some of the world’s first and most distinctive NFT artwork in combat sports. ..These exclusive NFTs are from Koko Swap High seas profile.

Kokoswap has been working behind the scenes to bring the long-awaited Kokoverse NFT collection to their army. The past few months have been very fruitful as Team Coco has developed an incredible world that leverages both AI and AR to provide gamers around the world with a super-immersive experience. Not only is this NFT very valuable, it’s also the key to conquering Cocoverse and using it in-game.

This launch follows the weekly buzz surrounding cryptography and the Metaverse. As of last month, the company switched from Ethereum to Binance Smart Chain. As CEO of KokoSwap, Chris Clarke said that launching an exclusive NFT in his market would be a platform launch, a transition to the Binance chain, a global media-wide viral, a centralized exchange listing, And the recent release of the NFT teaser game.

So, without any further effort, the Kokoverse NFT Launch Collection listed on OpenSea is here!

Kokoverse NFT’s first collection contains truly unique and bespoke works of art. Not only are they incredibly valuable, they are also the key to conquering Cocoverse. With one of these magnificent Coco Bath avatars, you’ll stand out among the millions of Coco Warriors around the world. Choose from an exclusive list of mid-tier and top-tier monkeys, which are extremely rare avatars with special attributes, armor, weapons and skills. Owners of these exclusive NFTS will be able to use them as in-game avatars as soon as the game starts. In addition, the NFT collection includes a custom battle arena as a separate NFT for players to buy and earn ciphers. Players who own the arena will continue to earn the coveted $ KOKO as long as they own the arena. These Simian avatars allow players to grow their own brands and troops within Cocoverse and fully embody them as personas.

A wide variety of KOKOVERSENFT is divided into various collections such as arenas, gloves, avatars and headgear. The Coco Army is uniquely equipped with its own monkey avatar and can choose any number of armor options to choose the desired combat arena.

NFT Gaming has not experienced any signs of slowdown due to the huge amount and demand of crypto gamers around the world, and hundreds of new games are released each week. As financial institutions around the world are beginning to recognize the potential of cryptocurrencies and NFTs, various regulatory committees have set the standards for adapting to them.

The concept of a new digital world with financial sovereignty has not yet been developed, but more and more people seem to support it. The future of NFTs and NFT games is still widespread, with concepts such as the Metaverse in sight. These technologies rely heavily on the people of the digital future, paving the way for a brighter future for the NFT industry.

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KokoSwap is a unique platform that combines the thrill of NFT gaming with the highly rewarding features of decentralized finance. This platform provides the ability to trade, invest, win, play and win using key features such as NFTs, staking platforms and NFT games.

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