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KEYS Token Launches First-Ever Luxury NFT Community, Meta Mansions

Miami-()-KEYS tokenStartups driving real estate and luxury asset transactions on the blockchain today Meta Mansion by KEYS (“Meta Mansion”), the first residential community of 8,888 virtual NFT luxury condominiums built within the new KEYS Metaverse on the Ethereum blockchain. With today’s private launch, whitelisted KEYS token holders will gain exclusive access to Meta Mansions NFT Mintha and will receive additional benefits in future KEYS Metaverse.

The Meta Mansions NFT collection is created for the unique mobile-first KEYS Metaverse built on Unreal Engine (UE) 5, the world’s most advanced digital gaming engine, for an immersive and realistic user experience. To do. Metaverse builders will be airdropped on the land of the KEYS Metaverse, creating a fully interactive, customizable and livable environment in a fierce VR / AR / 3D space. Features include eight unique biomes within the KEYS Metaverse, dedicated skin and texture packs, and more. Users can not only monetize the mansion, but also get unique access, benefits and discounts within KEYS Metaverse.

“Meta-Mansion is an extension of the user’s identity,” said Noakent, Chief Product Officer of KEYS Token. “Our design and graphics teams have created the most discerning and eye-catching, stunning, realistic luxury home experience. Further customization and personalization allows users to create their own world. You can make it. ”

Meta Mansion is the first NFT to push the needle in terms of practicality. Feature highlights and utilities include:

  • Customize the interior- Completely customize the interior of your meta-mansion in real time with both digital and physically bridged assets such as NFTs, furniture and sculptures.
  • Join an exclusive community – The Meta Mansions community includes Fortune 500 corporate leaders, celebrities such as Timbaland, NBA Andre Drummond, NHL Elias Petterson, best-selling author Peter Voogd, luxury real estate developer Ramtin Ray Nosrati, and other notable influences. Includes. It’s as easy as knocking on the door of an apartment or inviting you to a barbecue in your neighborhood.
  • Priority access- Metaverse owners have VIP access to all KEYS Metaverse events and have unique access to real-life elite member-only events. In addition, owners will be provided with priority access to Zone 1 commercial district painting sales at a discounted rate.
  • Generate passive and active income – The possibilities for earning both passive and active income within KEYS Metaverse are endless. Users can earn income by renting condominiums and other assets, hosting sponsored events, and participating in brand partnerships.

“We have chosen to partner with the world’s most influential architects and 3D designers to build Meta Mansions by KEYS such as celebrity architects Kobi Karp, Compass Architects and lead 3D designer Veliz Arquitecto. Navjeet Chhina, Head of Metaverse Development for KEYS and Founder of Genius Ventures Inc, said: “We decided to use the Unreal Engine for KEYS Metaverse. 5 Because developers have access to the source code. , Very adaptable to our goals. To provide the best quality to our users [AAA] And the most compelling KEYS Metaverse experience leverages a team of Genius Ventures artists, engineers and game developers from the world’s top AAA games and Hollywood studios, as well as network and game design experts. KEYS Metaverse project. ”

To create a Meta Mansions NFT, you must first hold at least 100 KEYS tokens. Holding an additional KEYS token LoyalKey Program, step-by-step reward and loyalty program. With additional utilities and assets deployed in the upcoming KEYS Metaverse, users can use gameplay, participation in platform governance, and KEYS tokens to enhance their meta-mansion and enhance their experience with the KEYS Metaverse. ..

“MetaMansions is the origin of the industry-leading mobile-first KEYS Metaverse and brings accessibility to everyone,” said Nima Ghassemi, CEO of KEYSToken. “One of MetaMansions’ most exciting features is the ability to connect people in ways that weren’t possible with Web2. Building on Web3 allowed us to create new media that fostered deep connections. With investments from 500 CEOs, celebrities, professional athletes, real estate moguls and more, we’ve seen the community already grow before mint. This unprecedented level of connectivity and unlimited active and passive income. Combined with the generation capabilities, MetaMansions can become a true game changer for blockchain and Web3. ”

The first KEYCard V1NFT sold out in 32 seconds and only 118 were available. The 8,888 NFT MetaMansions collection of KEYS Tokens was created today, with whitelist KEYS Token holders in Rounds 1, 2, and 3 at 10 am (Daylight Saving Time), 2 pm (Daylight Saving Time), and 5 pm It will be available for purchase during (Pacific Daylight Time). For the rest of the Meta Mansion, public mint will be held on March 19th.

The release and availability of the KEYS Metaverse platform will be announced shortly. KEYS Token also announced the 888 Ethereum giveaway, which will be awarded 18 days after the Meta Mansion Pool is sold out. One will be given 800 ETH and the other 11 will be given 8 ETH each. Winners will be selected via a live stream dedicated to meta-mansion owners after mint.

For more information on Meta-Mansion by KEYS NFT Collection, please visit the following website. Read the KEYS Metaverse Litepaper to find out more about the Meta Mansions project, KEYS Tokenomics, distribution details and more. here..

For more information on KEYS tokens, please visit:

About key tokens

KEYS Token is a startup that enhances real estate and luxury asset transactions on the blockchain, ready to revolutionize the way assets are exchanged in both the Metaverse and the physical world. Their comprehensive product roadmap combines multiple elements of technology, such as web3 and augmented reality, to undoubtedly bring the physical and digital domains to the next evolution of real estate, the Internet and social networks. .. | Instagram: @keys | Twitter: @keys_token | discord

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