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KEYS Metaverse Introduces the World’s First web3 Real Estate Metaverse Experience Built on Unreal Engine 5 Accessible on Every Device Worldwide

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – (new media wire) – October 17, 2022 – With the recent explosion of interest in the Metaverse space, a number of innovative projects have emerged with the promise of building innovative products that can serve billions of people. is appearing. Many of them are clearly trying to leverage the metaverse as a buzzword rather than solving real business problems to create tangible value, but they are trying to build impactful products and strong communities. One of the projects I’ve been building to gain attention and advocacy is starting to gain tremendous brand recognition. Interest from real estate professionals and investors around the world. KEYS Metaverse, a real estate-centric platform focused on enabling creators to build businesses on top of product ecosystems, is the world’s first web3 built on Unreal Engine 5 with bi-directional streaming We launched the Metaverse experience, making the platform accessible on all devices around the world. The KEYS Metaverse Alpha features a single Meta Mansion within an island biome with AAA quality graphics and meaningful utilities including customization of in-game assets and materials, and a 3D Marketplace within the Metaverse Experience in the near future. with a vision to create and immerse yourself in real estate. Industry buyers and sellers in an unprecedented way. The project has already completed the early stages of its extensive roadmap, including the launch of in-game utility tokens, two of his NFT collections (KEYCard V1 and Meta Mansions), and now his KEYS Metaverse Alpha. . Also, the founder recently acquired as the domain where the product ecosystem resides. This strategic acquisition will give you direct access to the Metaverse experience.

“Our mission at KEYS was to create value for our community members by providing real-world and metaverse utilities to our token and NFT holders. As a real estate-centric metaverse project, our business model includes 3 There are three layers: First, create a platform to host the user experience, Second, launch a marketplace to globally facilitate transactions between users and business partners, Third, Convenience Creator We provide tools and professional services to enable community members to build their own businesses and utilities on top of our platform and to benefit from the economic opportunities within our market said Nima Ghassemi, CEO and co-founder of KEYS.

– What’s special about this metaverse engine?

Market size/reach

The KEYS metaverse is the first web3 metaverse available on all devices worldwide. By leveraging two-way streaming (the same technology as Zoom calls), KEYS can deliver AAA graphic metaverses to any user on any device (mobile, tablet, desktop).


Built on the cutting edge of real-time graphics Unreal Engine 5, the KEYS Metaverse is the most beautiful and immersive metaverse in the industry.

scalable platform

KEYS releases a suite of creator and business tools that allow users to monetize their skill sets and time in the Metaverse, enabling new economics around Metaverse transactions.

KEYS offers a metaverse ecosystem like no other. Most marketplaces are 2D marketplaces, but KEYS changes this concept by focusing on immersive user experiences in 3D. Across 3D Levels / Metaverse is a marketplace where you can facilitate transactions and integrate NFTs to prove ownership of your assets. Users can upload assets, sell NFTs, rent out meta-his condominiums and create his own business his chances at the highest possible quality level in an unprecedented way. As KEYS scales up, it allows users to interact and do business in the realm of 3D by providing users with the ability to view items, announce products, host events, workshops, live streams, and more. An ecosystem of buyers, sellers, creators and users is created. much more. This could also open up advertising opportunities for brands as user traffic and time in the KEYS metaverse increases.

Nima continued to demonstrate his passion and dedication to the project by citing his experience with the web2 platform. “We spend most of our time scrolling the internet these days, shopping online and interacting with friends, family and colleagues via social media channels like Instagram. Experience has been in doing business and building communities on Instagram.The world’s top real estate professionals and interior design related products have led us to discover metaverse opportunities in this niche; A new set of immersive technologies that help redefine how humans interact and experience transactional value within the real estate ecosystem you envision.The best thing about being a real estate-centric metaverse is that I It’s the fact that we have the opportunity to serve billions of people on our platform and empower them to create their own utility. We have created the world’s largest real estate network on instagram.Whether you sell homes to celebrities or sell all types of furniture for interiors, we are taking the next step in real estate sales on Instagram and offering a brand new to the real estate industry. Ready to build your own platform that delivers value.We at KEYS envision an open metaverse focused on interoperability and an immersive user experience that connects the physical and digital worlds. Bringing real value to people’s lives by bridging the world together and establishing new economic opportunities for businesses and creators.We are very excited to be an early innovator in this new industry. And every day we advance new learnings that can create timeless value for future generations.”

– Why are business and property developers bringing their assets into the KEYS metaverse?

As a real estate-focused metaverse, KEYS product priority is AAA-quality graphics and immersive user experiences that offer businesses and property developers the opportunity to create new customer experiences that feature customization and monetization. We focus on experience. Customize items such as furniture, building materials, get 3D files of homes and buildings, provide true-to-life digital versions (digital twins) in Creator Zone, 3D shopping experiences for business owners to engage with customers in new ways, reality Whether staging residential or interior design concepts ahead of global development, customizing specific spaces to increase monetization value, or buying and selling in-game assets that can be partnered with brands and companies around the world. The possibilities are truly endless and that’s what we’re all about. Empower creators. KEYS is building from the ground up with a platform that creates opportunities across the real estate industry, facilitates deals and empowers creators to build their own utilities. KEYS can also express everything in AAA quality not available in most other metaverses. With high-touch products like real estate, high-quality assets and high-quality representations of real estate are paramount and can actually increase the price and value of assets. access the entire ecosystem of KEYS Metaverse professional services found in the real world. Designers, brokers, realtors, furniture brands, architects, artists, creators, gamers, customers and communities all come together on one platform. The KEYS Metaverse provides a unique opportunity to conduct business, live stream, host business meetings and sell assets in new ways. KEYS expands the way communication and business engagement take place in real estate, enabling 3D digital media in addition to the physical world of business. This is what the KEYS metaverse is all about. Bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds.

General topics:

  • KEYS builds a scalable metaverse engine that delivers Hollywood-quality AAA graphics on any device. We internally optimize the cost of Pixel Streaming by building an efficient system that uses only powerful servers in the cloud when needed.

  • KEYS Metaverse acts as a ‘marketplace of the future’ where users can interact with NTfs and the items they wish to purchase in a 3D setting. In the world of traditional e-commerce and transactions, this is done in 2D (see pictures of items).

  • KEYS has created a pipeline that allows creators to take specifications for the assets they want to build and easily import them into the KEYS metaverse.

  • This metaverse includes new ways to do business, such as hosting meetings and presentations in the metaverse.

  • It gives retailers a whole new way to showcase their products in 3D.

  • It bridges the gap between the physical and digital worlds by enabling manufacturers and retailers to “test” items in the digital world and gather feedback before creating items in the physical world. increase.

  • We plan to expand metaverse content creation by allowing users to live stream private and multi-user events to the community.

  • It also has the ability to auto-generate social content leading to thousands of videos from thousands of users.

  • Allow users to access other parts of the KEYS ecosystem directly from the metaverse.

  • Users and communities can “hang out” and play games such as poker and chess in the Metaverse, providing opportunities for creators and owners to build their own events and gameplay experiences.

As the metaverse industry continues to evolve, KEYS Metaverse is a name worthy of your attention. This highly ambitious team has already set out to develop utility NFTs known as Meta Mansions, residing in the KEYS metaverse consisting of 8,888 virtual mansions built on the Ethereum blockchain. KEYS said it plans to launch the KEYS Metaverse Alpha and learn as much as possible about what the community wants going forward. The innovation doesn’t end with his KEYS, and in addition to his 8,888 meta mansions, the team has already developed a plot map consisting of 80,000 commercial plots that offer businesses and creators the chance to build their own buildings. Confirmed that it has started. Value on the KEYS platform.

Check out the gameplay experience at

media contact
Name: Nima Ghasemi
Company Name: Keys Metaverse
City: Dubai
Country: United Arab Emirates

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