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JPEX Announces Launch of MoonBirds NFT Index and Upcoming

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, July 16, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE)-JPEX, a licensed and approved digital asset platform designed to facilitate seamless crypto trading, has launched the MoonBirds NFT Index under the RedHare NFT Index Agreement. have started.

Most traders are uncertain about the future of NFTs, and not because of the very volatile nature of the market, JPEX’s recently released index contract addresses this important issue.

RedHare NFT Index Contract

The RedHare NFT Index, a contract product that can track NFT projects and aggregate on-chain transaction data, is the only true hedging tool for NFT holders. This NFT index agreement allows holders to profit from short-term sales and purchases of irreplaceable tokens.

RedHare NFT index contracts support more than 40 times the available leverage.This is the price of profile photo style [PFP] NFTs fall sharply and these NFT holders can profit from short cells.

MoonBirdsNFT is now available on JPEX

The MoonBirds NFT Index will be available soon on the JPEX platform. Similar to the RedHare NFT Index, users can short-sell and leverage NFTs to profit during the bare season.

In addition, MoonBirds NFT, a collection of 10,000 unique NFTs created by the PROOF Collective Team and based on the Ethereum network, will be launched on the JPEX platform. To celebrate this feat, the JPEX team will be hosting a free gift event. Users have the chance to win four MoonBirds NFTs.

Winners must follow the official JPEX account [@ExhangeJpex] Like / Retweet and tag your posts with 3 friends on Twitter. Finally, award-winning candidates must join the JPEX Discord server.

Scheduled to end on Thursday, July 14, 2022, winners will receive a message directly from the JPEX team three days after the event.

JPEX’s recent sponsorship and marketing campaigns

JPEX aims to provide a secure, reliable and truly secure platform for buying and selling currencies. JPEX is committed to providing users with a truly satisfying and easy-to-use solution that goes beyond cryptocurrency trading. To solidify this claim, JPEX has entered into a sponsorship partnership with top football teams.

These sponsorships are in line with JPEX’s greater goal of accelerating the adoption of global cryptography in every job of life.

JPEX is also sponsoring a cryptocurrency event in Singapore, and negotiations for a new event in Dubai scheduled for October 2022 are currently underway.

Yet another great feature of JPEX is its “crazy” yet outstanding marketing campaigns in Australia, Taiwan, Malaysia and Hong Kong. In the latest campaign for a digital asset trading platform in Hong Kong, the exchange has brought the largest sign to China’s provinces. This is an unprecedented achievement in cryptocurrency marketing.

About JPEX

JPEX is a well-known digital asset platform designed to enable seamless buying and selling of cryptocurrencies. The exchange platform aims to provide a very secure and reliable trading platform for users all over the world. JPEX is enthusiastic about providing more than exchange services and has several partnerships with various sports teams with the aim of spreading the gospel of cryptography around the world.

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