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Is the Trading Card Game Available on Android Devices?

Trading card games have gained quite a following in the blockchain gaming industry. There are no major barriers to entry, and this allows both beginners and experienced players to pick up the game and adapt quickly. Among the many titles available on the market today, Gods Unchained It has emerged as one of the most popular games thanks to its exciting gameplay and attractive token model. With his over 13 million Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) on Immutable X and his over 65,000 unique asset holders, Gods Unchained has been able to strengthen his position as a premium blockchain game. .

Can Gods Unchained be played on Android?

This popular trading card game is currently only available for PC and Mac OS devices. However, the company plans to bring the game to mobile devices soon. In its FAQ section, the company states, “We are currently working on bringing the game to mobile devices, so check out this space!

What can you do with Gods Unchained?

Gods Unchained is a trading card game with a simple objective. Players must reduce the health of their opponent’s god to zero to win the game. To this end, the player assembles his 30-card deck, summoning creatures, equipping relics, and casting spells to maximize his chances of winning. Launched in March 2021, Gods Unchained has continued to entertain users by offering his three exciting modes: Solo, Ranked and Direct Challenge.

Apart from the normal ranked mode, Gods Unchained also has a weekend event called Weekend Ranked Constructed. Unlike regular ranked mode where players can earn $GODS tokens, in this event users can earn prizes based on their performance and rank. Users can create NFTs, invest in staking pools and participate in governance activities to maximize rewards.

How to play Gods Unchained on PC?

To play Gods Unchained, users should visit the official page and[Gods Unchained をプレイ]Click the button to create an account. After successfully creating an account, players will be able to download the launcher. Once installed, you will need to sign in using your account credentials to play the game.

The absence of gaming on mobile devices may be a setback now, but an announcement from Gods Unchained at least serves as a beacon of hope. You can try games like Axie Infinity: Origin and Splinterlands.


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