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Is the surge in OpenSea volume and blue-chip NFT sales an early sign of an NFT bull market?

In the last two months, OpenSea has begun to cool off from the New Year’s bullishness, and many NFT experts say the bear market has seen a slight decline in sales after sales closed a record $ 5 billion total. I started to guess about the beginning of. January sale.

However, in the last seven days, total sales have already exceeded $ 1 billion, and in just one week in April, the NFT market seems to be waking up to a surge in top-tier companies. Queue “Spring Awakening”.

OpenSea monthly volume. Source: DuneAnalytics @ rchen8

Traders looking for the next Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) project have been patiently waiting for another project with the same power and brand equity. Some top candidates are emerging. Announced on January 21, Azuki Zen has a total value of over $ 574.6 million, and RTFKT Studios’ CloneXx Takashi Murakami has over $ 546.7 million. In the last seven days alone, CloneX has increased total sales by more than 180%.

NFT investors will understand the benefits of long-term investment in the teams they have provided so far. RTFKT Studios catalyzed the MNLTH NFT community group quest resolution and airdropped it to all CloneX holders worth $ 22,135. So, for those who had MNLTH, basically more than $ 22,000 was dropped in the air just because they were CloneX holders.This further demonstrates the value of collectors and traders Grail NFT.

With liquidity and circulation, the second quarter seems to be here to pave the way, and the NFT market appears to be ignited by a more mature NFT community and investors.

What triggered the next BAYC?

The NFT project has begun to understand the value of crossing culture, community and commerce through what BAYC has cultivated, and many projects have sought unique ways.

From estranged collectors to maxi, the recently launched NFT project not only builds a close community with strong beliefs, but also uses that platform to enhance one’s personal creativity. We pay close attention to the construction.

RTFKT Studio has set up a platform for creators to shine through Spacepod NFT Airdrop. This allows the owner to view the NFT over the entire space. It is currently worth $ 4,920.86 (1.65 Ether). SpacePods are customizable, which also allows RTFKT to scout talent from their community. Creators can also create and sell their work for the support and enjoyment of others in the community.

Currently, the lowest price for CloneX is the thin 17.5 Ether ($ 52,237.50). By maintaining an average selling price above 11.5 Ethereum, NFT collectors and owners trust that RTFKT Studios will continue to offer.

CloneX Highest average selling price / volume ever. Source: High seas

Similarly, Yuga Labs has announced the creation of MetaRPG, a metaverse platform that offers available digital lands. The news not only promises that ApeDAO will airdrop owners of over $ 1.6 billion in the BAYC NFT ecosystem at ApeCoin and become the utility currency adopted by the BAYC ecosystem and MetaRPG, but it will be further complicated. I did.

Percentage of eligible addresses claiming APE. Source: DuneAnalytics @hildobby

MetaRPG will be an interoperable metaverse, so it will not prevent anyone who is not part of the BAYC ecosystem from being exposed. Those who pay attention know that the interoperability of mass recruitment and other projects that use interoperable metaverses like arcade lands is of great value.

Arcadeland 7-day average selling price / volume. Source: High seas

Arcadeland is currently third in total over the past seven days, approaching about $ 23 million. Its average selling price has risen 96%, suggesting that the community is looking for the most viable and interoperable world, whether it’s just a post-public pump or not. The cheapest arcade land NFTs are priced just below 1 Ethereum (3,291.15) and have over 5,700 owners’ unique wallet addresses out of 10,000 items.

NFT investors are focusing their bids on similarities in practicality, interoperability and cultural relevance. Recently, it seems that well-known artists other than Web3 and NFT circles have carved their space into the ecosystem and are attracting the attention of art collectors and NFT collectors.

Bridging IRL art to digital space through NFT collections and experiences is worthwhile

RTFKT Studios gives an example of how collaboration with renowned artists can enhance the unique value of digital collections through potential mutual benefits, not just associations. For example, CloneX has partnered with Japanese contemporary artist Takashi Murakami. Takashi Murakami has influenced a particular collection of CloneX avatars inspired by his previous work.

Takashi Murakami created a permit list for his Murakami.Flowers NFT collection and added the CloneX avatars (about 2,500) dropped by all Murakami to the list. On March 30, Murakami Hana entered the secondary market, jumping from an average selling price of 6 ethers ($ 17,910) to the current 9.2 ethers ($ 27,462). In less than two weeks, average selling prices have risen by more than 61%.

Murakami.Flowers Average selling price / quantity in history. High seas

Josie Bellini, a Crypto artist and creator of Cyberbrokers, introduced another level of detailed art that was technologically innovative and overlapped with folklore. According to the NFT wallet tracker 50% of Cyber ​​Brokers owners have bags It is made up of more good stocks than the average investor.

Cyber ​​Brokers Highest average selling price / volume ever. Source: High seas

The average selling price of Cyber ​​Brokers has risen by more than 274% since its launch. In the long run, an artist whose work has been digitally translated may retain additional value for the historical relevance it may have.

Another NFT collection called “MOAR” by Spanish artist Joan Catallan has risen to the top of the OpenSea total chart. It has now risen by more than 320% since it hit the secondary market on April 8th and is trading at 1.11 Ether ($ 3,283.50).

Presented by digital media company FWEN CLUB, MOAR is the soul of 5,555 creatures living in the Metaverse mansion. With over 3,700 unique wallet addresses that own MOAR NFTs, you’ll see how the community grows over time.

The announcement of NFTs can be very exciting in the second quarter

There may be some announcements about liquidity pumps in the second quarter. NFT residents use Twitter Their guessHowever, there are some imminent project developments that could increase the overall morale and liquidity of the market.

Cyber ​​Brokers NFT offers free NFTs to all owners. This free NFT has the potential to grow in value as the CyberBrokers gaming ecosystem continues to evolve.

Cyber ​​Brokers announced on April 12 that all brokers will receive NFT cosmetic items, as well as how RTFKT Studios will begin MNLTH NFT community group, quest resolution. The entire community is almost starting to expect NFTs to unlock feature airdrops.

BEANZ history average selling price volume. Source: High seas

Azuki NFT, two undisclosed reds dropped in the air BEANZ NFT To each owner who has caused controversy on Twitter about what they are and what they are worth. Those who are eligible to apply can apply until April 14, and will be released the next day. Azuki’s NFT airdrop, BEANZ, excited the market, with Azuki surpassing 25 Ethereum ($ 77,879). The mysterious NFT quickly exceeded 3 Ether ($ 9,440.10) and BEANZ is now 5.45 Ether ($ 16,268.25), but the average selling price has risen by more than 44% since it hit the secondary market.

With the spring of NFTs appearing to be in full bloom, collectors are increasing their sensitivity and trying to change their initial investment to a larger one through a new mechanism of NFT airdrops.

Besides the release of tokens, collectors are attracted to projects that add value to the community by providing free, illiquid assets that liquidate quickly.Although some NFT experts claim airdrop Dilute the collectionOthers often take this opportunity to turn liquidity into a long-term investment and reduce the size of their portfolio. The combination of liquidity and collectors could be a very fruitful second quarter for NFTs and the Web3 ecosystem.

The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of All investment and transaction movements carry risks. When making a decision, you need to do your own research.