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Is Rally on Ethereum (ETH), BNB, Bitcoin and Others Over? Crypto Market Review, Jan. 20

Armand Sirignan

The market is slowly going down or entering the consolidation channel.This could be the first sign of a long-term reversal

The explosive rally that started at the beginning of the month is coming to a logical conclusion as the majority of digital assets have reversed from local highs. However, there are some exceptions such as: XRP It remains in an uptrend.

What’s coming to market next week?

A stronger and deeper correction is likely in popular assets such as Ethereum, BNB and even Bitcoin once the bullish trend in the market cools down. Sentiment-based indicators show investors are no longer panicking, but no underlying factors have recently emerged to boost the cryptocurrency market.

ETH Chart
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Open interest on most cryptocurrency derivatives trading platforms has risen, which can be taken as an indication that liquidity and depth are recovering. Unfortunately, most of the re-emerging volume in the market is likely to involve bears trying to get an advantage over bullish retail investors.

Most cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, are still trading in an uptrend and have not completely lost their footing in the market. However, most of these assets will enter local consolidation channels and could become the basis for a downward reversal that will only exacerbate the long-term condition of the market.

Shiba Inu’s quick attack reversal

celebration of Shiba Inu The unexpected reversal rally and breakout didn’t last long. On Wednesday the 18th, SHIB exploded above his 200-day moving average line, leaving most of the bears who had accumulated short his positions at the aforementioned levels.

However, the breakout that took SHIB to a 75-day high weakened rapidly after the whales provided notable selling pressure, breaking the premature support level ladder that was unprepared for an influx of selling. I was.

Unfortunately, the Shiba Inu has yet to find the strength to bounce back strongly and remains at the same price level as three days ago. After the whale unloads the huge amount of SHIB tokens it has accumulated, the bull is no longer keen to support the rise of Meme tokens.

XRP Remains Unshakeable

Despite the Genesis bankruptcy announcement and market reversal, XRP does not appear to have lost the momentum it gained earlier, as it has been trending upwards locally since the beginning of January.

At the time of writing, XRP is trading above the 50-day moving average, which can be seen as a reversal zone for the asset. The Relative Strength Index is also far from the “overbought” zone for XRP, meaning the asset has plenty of room to grow in the coming weeks or months.

Unfortunately, not much is happening around the XRP ecosystem, despite the many statements made about the fundamental importance of the network.

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