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Is Illuvium the first fun crypto RPG video game?

Blockchain games have long been very popular with crypto enthusiasts because they use cryptocurrencies as an in-game tool.

These types of games use blockchain technology to ensure absolute ownership of the game item represented by the token.

For example, by purchasing an in-game non-fungible token (NFT), you can ensure that a player owns a truly rare item that can be stored and controlled outside the game. This ownership provides a whole new player-led economy that allows players to create their own content.

However, cryptographic games are still far from traditional PC or console games in terms of quality and gameplay. Perhaps the world is cautious about blockchain technology itself and is not ready to integrate into a multi-billion dollar industry. Nevertheless, there has been some progress in this direction.

Ubisoft, one of the largest companies in the gaming industry, announcement There are plans to integrate blockchain technology and non-fungible tokens into the game in 2021, but I haven’t heard any more news so far.The company too Invested Under the Animoca brand, the price of the latter game token has skyrocketed.

Illuvium: A typical NFT game?

In the first quarter of 2022, gamers were checking out the beta version of Illuvium, which aims to be the first AAA project in a decentralized finance (DeFi) game.

Illuvium is an open-world role-playing game (RPG) built on the Ethereum blockchain. Players start the game on a crashed transport ship of the dying planet’s galactic fleet. Due to an accident, the player is unable to leave the planet and discovers a mysterious creature, an illusion, that can be captured by crystal debris.

Each illustration has its own characteristics, and the creatures are divided into classes and have special abilities. Some illustrations are more common than others. There is a blending mechanism that allows them to be merged into more rare and powerful forms or converted into more rare variations. Creatures are presented in the form of NFTs that can be acquired in-game or purchased through in-game Illuvi DEX and external exchanges.

Screenshot of the battle.

As a rule, NFT games aren’t very attractive and are absolutely boring to play.

Gameplay will collect NFT items and exchange them for specific tokens. A particular problem with Ethereum games was overloading, which made the gameplay very tiring at critical moments.

The Illuvium development team aims to solve this problem by integrating the Immutable X Layer 2 protocol. This network will significantly improve the performance of Ethereum-based projects.

With Immutable X, this project will allow players to sell NFT tokens with zero fees and immediate transactions. NFT assets are stored in the IMX protocol.

Unlike most projects where the game mechanics only work as an add-on to token farming, Illuvium looks really interesting. From a visual point of view, Illuvium with the Unreal engine can be compared to major titles such as The Outer Worlds and Borderlands.

how to play

Games that can be downloaded for PC begin with the player customizing the character and selecting a robot assistant.

Users play not only their own illustrations, but also themselves. The choice of weapons you can use depends on your character. Weapons can give additional power with the help of rare earth minerals.

On the surface of the planet, players meet creatures they can engage in battle. First, players have access to a free tool that allows them to tame some weak illustrations. After a few victories, Ilbial becomes more powerful and can be enhanced with special items.

Developers provide players with the opportunity to study gameplay without investment. To visit new places in the world of Illuvium and develop to open new areas of the map in the future, players will need to unlock the obelisk and buy more powerful illustrations in Ether (ETH).

Keep in mind that in game combat, you need to think and strategy so that players don’t lose in seconds.

Players need to develop powerful units that are synergistic with each other. Good armor can also determine the outcome of the battle, forge from items found on the surface of the planet, or purchase from Illuvi DEX.

According to project co-founder Kiernan Warwick, combat at Illuvium is a combination of several genres of online games.

“Incorporating the DNA of old-fashioned auto battlers like Teamfight Tactics and integrating it with competitive strategies like Hearthstone and StarCraft. Two exciting new hybrids bring skills and strategy to the absolute of compelling gameplay. Pushing the limits of what we are doing. The focus of our studio is to create an interesting, visually enhanced, player-friendly experience. ”

Many illustrations have already been developed, but developers aim to expand their numbers and characteristics. As the rarity increases, new illustrations will be released on a regular basis.

Nowhere without tokens

The game’s native token ILV can be purchased on Binance, KuCoin, Poloniex,, and other exchanges. ILV allows owners to participate in network development. ILV owners receive the right to vote on determining the bonus payment amount. By default, 100% of game and sales revenue is distributed to members of the ILV community.

The game seems really promising as the audience is steadily increasing. ILV sold for $ 53 per token in early 2021 and then surged to $ 606. according to To the data from CoinMarketCap.

A promising future?

Illuvium promises to be an interesting project that can integrate NFT games with well-designed RPG games. With compassionate mechanics, rewards and the latest graphics, you can lead the industry.

Illuvium is a completely 3D game. All the details of the game world are very well thought out by the project team.

One of the main strengths of the game is the plot. This is important for any RPG and sets it apart from most crypto games that focus primarily on agricultural tokens.

Another strength is the game scaling mechanism. This will allow us to host hundreds of thousands of players around the world. In “normal” RPG games, users play on different servers to avoid congestion that leads to lag when playing. At Illuvium, developers use a scaling model that incorporates cloud storage resources, they say, integrating the gaming world.

Currently, the Illuvium team is focused on marketing and promotion. This game is on the list of the most anticipated games of the year. The only concern for gamers is that the developers haven’t completed the game yet, but hope to launch an open beta in mid-2022.

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