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IRIS World Launches Exclusive Goddess NFT Collection along with Kardashian Kloset 1 of 1 NFT

Iris brings a new perspective to PFP, which collaborates with the most followed celebrities on the planet.Sit on her Beverly Hills At home California, I was able to talk to Iris in an exclusive interview. “We want to make NFTs mainstream and we have the star power to do this,” he said. Iris Oh.. “We want to include women. We want to empower girls while targeting all men in crypto space. We are inclusive.” Iris 16 He has been an entrepreneur since he was old and sold his first website for a big profit. Her entrepreneurship is present in all of her day-to-day activities, supporting the ideas she believes in and creating projects like the Goddess Iris NFT.

Iris World collaborates with Kardashian Kloset to facilitate one-on-one NFT drops. December 21, 2021.. The winning bidder will receive not only a unique NFT, but also a unique Hermes Birkin bag with a package signed by reality TV and social media stars. Kim Kardashian..

In Iris’s own words, “Kim KardashianWinner of the 2021 People’s Choice Award for Fashion Icon and Haute Couture House Muse is a great option to work with Kardashian Crossett on this thrilling occasion. “

The Birkin bag is a very high-class handbag designed by Hermes. $ 50,000 To $ 500,000 each.

In addition, Iris World has created a collection of 7,777 NFTs with unique utilities and expects them to be sold out with an ambitious and generous roadmap offering Lamborghini and Tesla giveaways.

“We are excited to work with IRIS WORLD to offer this unusual opportunity from your personal closet. Kim Kardashian’s A collection of world-famous Hermes bags. This exquisitely handmade brown leather Birkin bag is housed in an original Hermes box with Kim’s genuine signature from the Kardashian Croset. “Is called. Cici Bussey, CEO of Kardashian Kloset.

Goddess Iris NFT Collection is for sale at December 21, 2021, And the collaboration of Iris World x Kardashian Kloset will start on the same day with a Birkin bag and box. Kim Kardashian sign.

About Iris World

Iris World (Iris World Inc.) is a company headquartered. Delaware of United States of America.. We aim to revolutionize the NFT landscape by hiring an energetic and experienced team known for working on the Angry Apes NFT collection.With a global team of experts from United States of America, Canada When Brazil, Iris World wants to bridge the gap between inaccessible, often confusing real-life non-fungible tokens and those who want to participate in the digital revolution. Backed by celebrity followers and their Goddess Iris collection, they are on the road to establishing themselves in the blockchain world.


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