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Invisible Friends NFT: A Unique PFP NFT Collection

rising popularity of NFTs We have brought unique and exciting projects to the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. The technology has also shown potential for mainstream appeal, but not everyone is comfortable with his NFTs yet.

of invisible friend The NFT Project is an example of a unique NFT collection that captures the imagination of NFT collectors around the world.the collection is ethereum Featuring blockchain and 5,000 unique animated characters.

Invisible Man NFT

If you’re interested in acquiring NFTs, Invisible Friends is worth considering. Let’s dig a little deeper to get a clear understanding of everything there is to know about the Invisible Friends NFT and how it can be easily purchased by a beginner looking to take on the project.

Key Features of the Invisible Friends NFT Collection:

  • 5,000 unique animated NFTs
  • Invisible character with randomized clothing and accessories
  • Various rarity traits
  • Started in 2022 by Markus Magnusson
  • The project is in partnership with lifestyle brand Kith.

What are Invisible Friends NFTs?

Invisible Friends was created by Swedish animator Markus Magnusson and the collection opened to the public in February 2022. This project is part of ‘The Random Character Collective’, a group of projects that also includes the SlimHoods and Mood Flippers NFT collections.

The project received a lot of attention in early 2022, even before official sales began. The unique and exciting features it employs have caught the attention of NFT users, making him one of the most anticipated NFT projects before launch.

Invisible Friends is a PFP (Profile Picture) NFT project consisting of 5,000 animated invisible characters. The project is in partnership with apparel brand Kith, a popular and well-known lifestyle brand. Through the partnership, some of the products created by Kith will feature Invisible Friends NFTs.

Prior to the official launch of the project, the Invisible Friends NFT has attracted many people to the project with its attractive and creative artwork. The artwork featured captivating animated GIFs that were trending on social media platforms. Specifically, our Twitter feed was filled with amazing artwork from the Invisible Friends NFT collection.

The NFT collection contains invisible characters. However, each of the invisible friends can be easily distinguished by their unique characteristics such as clothing and accessories. It has special features.

Each Invisible Friend is animated, helping the collection stand out from other contenders in the PFP NFT space. NFT shows Invisible Friends walking in a loop.

How to purchase Invisible Friends NFT

At the time of writing, Invisible Friends NFTs are only sold on the secondary market. So you can buy NFTs from our collection on marketplaces like OpenSeas and LooksRare.

Users who want to get the Invisible Friends NFT must first set NFT Wallet— This is necessary to maintain control of the acquired NFTs. After that, the user will have to add her ETH to the generated crypto wallet, as the gas fee for the transaction needs to be paid. Once that’s done, purchasing Invisible Friends NFTs on OpenSea is a relatively straightforward process.

If you’re interested in buying Invisible Friends, OpenSea is the place to go. Just type “Invisible Friends” into the search bar and you’ll see a list of all NFTs available for sale from our collection. When you find something of interest, click it to view details.

invisible friends

The Invisible Friend NFT in this example is priced at a fixed price of 3.1 ETH. However, if the seller seems willing to accept a lower price, they have the option to make an offer. When you’re ready to buy NFTs, you can add them to your cart. You will then be asked to connect your NFT wallet to complete the purchase. However, be aware that the price of Invisible Friend NFTs can be expensive. Don’t spend more money than you are willing to lose.

Buy Invisible Friends NFT

Conclusion ~The Attractive World of Toumei Friends~

Invisible Friends is a visually striking collection of NFTs that at the same time gives a lot of imagination. Since the character’s body cannot be seen, the collection can appeal to a wide range of people regardless of race, nationality, or gender.

Following this project’s upcoming collaboration with Kith, the project promises exclusive benefits to users as well as offering brand-new NFTs to owners. Winning bidders to the proposed set of her NFT 1-on-1 will also receive a physical version of the outfit worn by her newly acquired Invisible Friend. This is fully exclusive to NFT owners.

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