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Introducing Collateral-free NFT Renting and First Rent-to-Earn Tool

Total value is locked to GameFi Over $ 28 billionGame development giants such as Electronic Arts and Ubisoft are exploring Play-To-Earn (P2E) space. Originally recognized only as entertainment, today’s games have turned into a way to make a lot of money.

It is now clear that NFT rental systems will be one of the core devices in the GameFi and DeFi industry. Still, early industry will connect members of the GameFi ecosystem to help brands better understand consumer intent, lower barriers to entry, increase confidence in space, and monetize NFTs to profit. ..

Unit box DAO is the first custody-free NFT rental and leasing protocol and the first use case for wrapped NFT (wNFT) technology. Leverage the DeFi mechanism to bring together millions of crypto investors, lessees (guilds, scholars), and players to provide access to their own Rent-to-Earn model.

Features and products

Launched by Anton Link in Dubai in the third quarter of 2021, UNITBOX will provide NFTs with unsecured rentals and leases. Through the protocol, users can buy, sell, rent, and lease non-alternative tokens in the native marketplace, which can be used to integrate rental services into the system for games and other projects (such as the marketplace).

The platform allows NFT owners to lease non-alternative assets and payments are automatically distributed daily via the blockchain mechanism. Investors can always call back irreplaceable ones to recover their investment.

The rental system is powered by the know-how wNFT technology created by the UNITBOX co-founder, who won the Top 3 in the Binance Hackathon and was funded by Rarible, Polygon, and NEAR Protocol. Non-fungible tokens will be wrapped in wNFT during the rental period and will be wrapped back in the original NFT when one of the participants calls back the transaction. All actions are performed through smart contracts.

UNITBOX brings trust by guaranteeing the reliability of all transactions. All transactions in the system are completely transparent, but investments and payments are also distributed through DAO-managed mechanisms. This approach helps to effectively solve trust issues and provide new investment products with an understandable and transparent business model for the benefit of the industry as a whole.

Who can benefit from using UNITBOX

UNITBOX aims to bring value to four groups: guilds, scholars, gamers and investors, and to offer new investment potential to the GameFi and Defi markets.

UNITBOX enables transparent investment in P2E while lowering barriers to entry, allowing crypto investors to instantly make money on rent and staking. For guilds, the platform provides rental and delegation of NFT assets in the DAO ecosystem, as well as advanced guild management tools and infrastructure.

UNITBOX scholars can enjoy work and intuitive profit tracking through a variety of revenue, ambassadors, airdrop programs and other tools. What’s more, both guilds and scholars have access to an extensive gamer database as well as a way to increase liquidity to increase revenue.

GameFi players no longer have to buy expensive NFT objects to make money in the game. You can rent out the non-substitutable tokens you need, share your profits and get the chance to become a scholar. The platform enables a number of useful features and dashboards to facilitate the decision-making and governance process for all users.


Staking is the primary utility function for native $ UNIT tokens. A portion of the investor and tenant profits (7.5% of the performance fee) will be used to finance the project and will be distributed in proportion to the stackers.

This model creates an incentive for the organic growth of token rates and the cycle of market customer dependence. The market mechanism supports the price of tokens and sets a minimum price of $ UNIT. Therefore, as the GameFi industry grows, the number of UNITBOX users will increase and the percentage of native tokens will also increase.

Teams, expertise, and partners

The project team, led by CEO and founder Anton Link, includes Tier 1 experts leading cryptocurrency, investment banking and technology backgrounds. All of them have deep experience working on DeFi projects.

To date, the ecosystem has partnered with over 10 guilds, 50,000 investors, and 300,000 scholars and researchers. Ultimately, by the end of 2022, UNITBOX aims to connect more than 300 guilds, more than 100,000 investors, and 500,000 traders.

Future milestones

UNITBOX began in 2022 with the deployment of protocol prototypes, the development and testing of economic logic, the execution of key hires, and the start of strategic financing rounds.

In the second quarter, the team completed UI / UX front-end development, launched a native rental marketplace, launched early access to alpha builds for $ UNIT holders, and held private and public sales rounds for tokens. intend to do something.

In the third quarter, you will see a list of $ UNIT for NFT Oracle integrations, code freezes, security audits, and Tier 1 exchanges. And finally, the launch of the UNITBOX DAO protocol, the completion of the staking vault, the B2B wNFT rental, and the launch of the governance mechanism are planned for the fourth quarter.

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