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Inside the NBA NFTs Coming As Part of Blockchain Trivia Challenge –

warner bros discovery Sports continues to build crypto-related products, incorporating one of the biggest brands for its next experiment. Inside the NBA can answer trivia questions online and on Discord, and their tokens can be used for both digital and physical prizes.

The program is called B/R Watch to Earn (or W2E) and pays tribute to previous cryptocurrency trends such as “play to earn games” where users are rewarded with digital tokens as they go through various processes. named. blockchainBased on, well, the game. But the project is more focused on attracting NBA fans than it is about attracting crypto natives.

“We’re always thinking of ways our show can break the fourth wall.” NBA on TNT Tuesday said host Adam Lefkoe. “How do you speak? When our audience and not To who is our audience?

On-screen pop-ups during the show lead viewers into contests online And to the new Discord server bleacher report Starting up.Questions about recent NBA action or Inside the NBA history.B/R’s Rewards Marketplace prizes currently include: NFTs We offer merchandise as well as clips, and in the future may provide access to TNT talent and events. Although the tokens themselves can be traded, the company has made no attempt to promote them as full-fledged cryptocurrencies.

According to Jan Adidja, senior vice president of digital league business operations and growth and innovation at Warner Bros. Discovery Sports, conversations about the program began near the end of last season, and Lefkoye was involved early on. . His Immutable X, WBD Sports’ blockchain technology partner, provided backend support for the project.

The network will also use a Discord server as an additional audience touchpoint with plans to host interactive opportunities.

“How can we get preferential treatment for viewers who have been with us for years and haven’t missed the show?” Levkoye said. “That’s the technical part that gets me excited.”

Interest in NFTs collapsed in the second half of last year, but the industry has recently shown some signs of a resurgence.

“It’s helped us in a way,” Adidja said of the recession. It allows us to focus on the real utility of why fans want to engage with our establishment.”

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