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IndyCar, IMS and Team Penske partner with major NFT company Autograph

The IndyCar Series, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, and Team Penske have attracted the attention of Tom Brady, Tiger Woods, and the best athletes and businessmen around. Autograph, an NFT platform co-founded and co-chaired by Brady, announced on Tuesday an exclusive multi-year partnership with Penske Entertainment and Team Penske.

The deal precedes the drop of the partner’s first premier NFT collection before and after the 106th run of the Indianapolis 500 next month. According to a news release, the two companies “take advantage of Pensuke’s iconic motorsport properties. It leverages a vast historical archive, past and present drivers, race cars and ticket activations around the Indy 500.”

On Wednesday, March 30, 2022, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in Indianapolis unveiled the 2022 Indy 500 banner featuring four-time winner Hélio Castroneves.

More about these NFT drops, which are unique or limited digital asset drops that often represent art or video, will continue within a few weeks.

Dillon Rosenblatt, co-founder and CEO of Autograph, said: , Said in the release. “It is a privilege we do not underestimate to launch a collection with the ever-growing racing series and one of the most important motorsport teams to date, ahead of the world’s largest one-day spectator sporting event.”

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