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Indonesia Based Boy Named Ghozali Becomes Millionaire By Selling Selfies On OpenSea As NFTs

A non-fungible token, NFT continues to wave within the crypto ecosystem as a profitable tool. As a result, many new and recent collections have been featured as headlines through a huge accumulation of funds.

One of the trendiest NFTs is Ghozali, an Indonesian youth who has sold over 1,000 selfies as an NFT at OpenSea. Selfie is his daily collection for the past five years.

An Indonesian boy, Sultangstaf Argozari, is 22 years old and is from Semarang. Ghozali, who is currently studying computer science, decided to take a selfie every day a few years ago. Through this daily activity he has continued from 2017 to 2021, the boy now has more than 1,000 photos.

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Report by his official Twitter account, Ghozali Disclosure The purpose of taking his selfie for five years is to create a unique video. He said the video would take place after his college graduation.

With the advent and popularity of NFTs, Ghozali decided to add a twist to the plan and convert photos to NFTs. This led to the subsequent sale of NFTs at OpenSea.

According to a tweet on January 10, 2022, Ghozali has begun uploading selfies to the OpenSea platform under the project name “Ghozali Mainichi”. This post revealed that the cost of each photo is 0.001 ETH.

The project maintains a minimum rate of 0.42 ETH, despite its lack of significant artistic value. In addition, Ghozali currently has over 355 ETH trading volumes daily. Currently, about 498 addresses own NFTs from the project collection.

ETH follows bearish trends | Source: ETHUSD TradingView

Irene DAONFT follows the same success trend

In a similar wave, Irene Zhao’s NFT initiative has gained more position in the top topics last week. Celebrity in the crypto space, Irene Zhao, is an advisor to the Konomi Network.

Her recent NFT initiative project, tagged with Irene DAO, aims to become a global grassroots movement that disrupts the creator economy. Today, the project collection consists of meme-inspired photographs of Zhao and their copies.

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According to a report from OpenSea, the minimum price for the Irene DAO collection has been below 0.2 ETH in the last few days. However, it is currently 3.59 ETH. In addition, its trading volume has exceeded 1,800 ETH since its inception.

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