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Indie Feature Film ‘Calladita’ to Raise Funds Using NFTs

Last year, cryptocurrencies became more and more popular in the movie industry.The movie has been Distributed as NFTIn the early DAO Been formed To help filmmakers connect with funding sources, and filmmakers are exploring Decentralized finance..

Now, a new wave of indie filmmakers is with cryptocurrencies NFT To Fund their projects.. “The first few films funded this way will have a place in history,” said writer / director Miguel Faus. Decryption.. “They will be pioneers of new routes that I think will be huge for indie filmmaking around the world.”

Faus’s debut feature film, “Karadita” The crowdfunding campaign will start on March 2nd. We will provide NFTs as rewards and unique benefits to NFT owners who have contributed to the salary increase. Unlike traditional crowdfunding procurement on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, Faus said, “The whole reward system is kind of disruptive. The interests of supporters and creators are much better aligned.” increase.

Faus explained that in the traditional crowdfunding model, most of the money goes to the production of physical products for rewards such as DVDs, posters and T-shirts. He said that using NFTs not only lowers production costs, unlike traditional digital rewards, but also “is a robust and durable asset that is always on the blockchain. What value in the future? I don’t know if there is. “”

NFT reward

Based on his short film of the same name, “Calladita” tells the story of Anna, a young Colombian domestic worker in a wealthy family’s Spanish villa. In the feature film, Paula Grimaldo will star and replay her role as Anna from the short film. Emily Mortimer of the “Newsroom” and Antonio de la Torre, who won the Goya Award twice, will also appear. Jim Cummings, writer and director of Thunder Road and Beta Test, is an executive producer.

In addition to traditional crowdfunding rewards such as Associate Producer credits, set visits, costumes and props, movie proponents will receive NFTs. They include stills and videos from the original “Calladita” short film, film-inspired art, and a unique four-minute short film centered around Anna’s character. Only one supporter owns a short “August Day Anna”.

“It’s completely exclusive and its sole purpose is to live one-on-one as an NFT for collectors,” Faus said, saying that owners can choose to submit it to the festival. I added.

NFT of the movie “Calladita”.Image: Miguel Faus

Other benefits are available to NFT owners pitching in. In this movie, Emily Mortimer plays the owner of an art gallery with a large collection of NFTs. Raise contributors can introduce their own NFT as part of their collection.

Faus consciously aimed at crypto and NFT enthusiasts, rather than Cineast, who may have never tried cryptocurrencies. “I decided to focus 95% of my energy on that goal,” he said. Decryption“It’s difficult to get people who have never had cryptocurrencies to buy their first NFT,” he said.

“I decided not to focus too much on my energy, but instead on the NFT crowd, which in my opinion is different from the crypto crowd,” Faus said. “There are a lot of movie fans in the NFT space, and some are excited about something new. Especially if you’re not a movie lover, you’re excited to see new use cases for NFTs. “

In the end, he said: “Everything in the movie industry can and will be confused by this technology. Netflix killer will be Web3 native.” He pointed out the paradigm shift associated with digital ownership. “They can engage and empower viewers in a cleaner way,” because they can track the creators and their owners of the work.

At the same time, he added, “glory mediators” like Netflix and Spotify are facing the turmoil of a new wave of Web3 film platforms. “Currently, OpenSea accounts for 2.5% of the profits from NFT sales. If you have an amazing Netflix killer and they’re taking 50%, that would already be a big improvement for filmmakers.”

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