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India’s First Marvel-Based NFTs are all set to Launch

NFTs were very popular in 2021. From a niche term, it’s the only thing anyone can speak. NFTs are currently a trending topic and the world is not getting enough NFTs. They have expanded beyond their original scope and have shown potential in several industries.

The rise of NFTs has brought some developments to the industry. First, the development of the NFT market has increased. Companies were aware that potential NFTs were flocking to this sector and were flocking. Currently, virtually every company is developing and launching an NFT marketplace. They aim to take advantage of the popularity of this term to succeed.

Second, NFT development or casting is growing rapidly. Normally, NFT minting requires the user to have some knowledge of blockchain. That requirement keeps the general audience away. However, the NFT Marketplace allows users to create NFTs with minimal knowledge of blockchain. With this accessibility, virtually everyone can create and sell NFTs online and make a profit.

Creating an NFT has proved to be a lucrative venture for any business or organization. Therefore, everyone, from celebrities to businesses, has begun to create NFTs. Every day, I see new NFTs on the market and get information about future NFT declines.

2021 is the year of NFT where the industry grows day by day. Well, at the end of the year, one NFT drop aims to end the year with high notes. The event is the chakra berth.

What is a chakra?

Chakra Bath revolves around a superhero named Chakra. Chakra is a collaboration of famous Marvel Comics creators Stanley, Gotham Chopra and Sharad de Barajan. The story revolves around Rajurai, a boy who lives in the bustling city of Mumbai. Raju is obsessed with the ideas of the seven chakras. He believes that harnessing this power will help humanity unleash its potential.

To that end, he is looking for a way to unleash those powers. His search leads him to Dr. Shin. A good doctor is a genius for some and an eccentricity for many. Dr. Shin saw the potential of Raju’s purpose and decided to help him. To that end, doctors make suits that can be worn to unlock all seven chakras.

After a series of situations, Raju wears a suit and becomes the new superhero Chakra the Invincible. Chakra vows to use his power for good, protect the people of Mumbai, and lead the villains to justice.

Chakras emerged as cartoon characters and soon became a fan favorite. Many comic book readers welcomed the ideas behind the power of the chakras. The popularity of chakras has helped characters appear in animated videos and short films. Chakras are currently moving from the comics industry to the NFT landscape.

Chakra Bath Event

Chakraverse is a series of NFT drops to be held on December 27th. This event is limited to Beyond Life and nothing else. Users here can participate in sales and auctions and win some exciting prizes.

Currently, there are several NFT collections that users can attend with one super special event. All the events are shown below.

Chakra loot box

The first Chakraverse NFT event is an event where users can buy a loot box and one ChakraArtpunk is guaranteed. The collection includes 6,865 generative NFTs that will appeal to NFT enthusiasts, cartoon enthusiasts, or digital collectors. This collection is an ideal starting point for anyone just starting their NFT journey. The purchase price for each loot box is $ 25 and sales will begin on December 27 (PST).

Chakra art punk

The next event is a collection of exclusive character stills taken from the chakra cartoons. The comic features a stellar cast of both hero and villain characters. This collection captures signature attributes and immortals them in NFT format. This collection aims to rekindle the charm of childhood that we all had by collecting things. The collection will drop on December 27th and 15 incredible NFT art punks will be auctioned.

Cover of a living comic book of anime

There are two items in this NFT drop, but they are already a hot topic in the digital world. You already know that the invincible chakra is a popular cartoon character. Fans love the hero and don’t seem to get enough of him. Currently, these fans can bid and own the character’s origin story as an NFT. The best part is that this cartoon comes with an original 3D cover. Even the printed cartoons didn’t have it, and it makes it a necessity for any collector or NFT enthusiast. The auction will start on December 27th.

Jumbo jukebox

The Jumbo Jukebox is the latest event from the Chakra Bath NFT Drop and has already generated a lot of hype among the audience. Users here can purchase a jumbo jukebox and receive one of four special prizes. Each award has varying degrees of rarity that make it more appealing to users. The common prize is the chakra, the cover of the invincible comic book at the time of its first publication. A rare prize is the cover of the same cartoon whose storyline was attacked. The Super Rare Award has the essence of the whole story. In addition, users can get animated Chakra the Invincible videos. These videos attract viewers and provide content to the character. The event will start on December 27th.

The power of the Seven Chakra

Everyone loves superheroes and everyone loves to see them show off their power. This event is a collection of 7 1/1 auctions where users can bid to buy chakra NFTs using one of their strengths. The chakras have about seven amazing powers, so this NFT collection leverages them in the seven NFTs of chakra powers.

Stanley Birthday Special

This NFT drop is not a collection as it has a single NFT. However, the title alone shows why this drop is the most important thing for the whole event. Everyone knows about Stan Lee and is familiar with at least one of his works. It’s easy to believe that without Stan Lee, many of our favorite cartoon heroes wouldn’t exist.

This NFT drop makes Stanley’s memory immortal. A creative NFT, celebrating his 99th birthday. One of the lucky auction winners can maintain an NFT that honors the work of Stanley, the creator of the legendary Marvel Comics.

Chakra Treasure Box

The uniqueness of this event is that it happens after the Chakraverse NFT drop is finished. The treasure chest is intended to use the chakra berth and reward the user’s participation. The only requirement is that participants must have at least 5 chakra NFTs in their digital wallet.

The rewards for this event have attracted the attention of many Internet users. According to the description, the event includes some small gifts, some big gifts, and some super big fits. The winner here could potentially win cryptocurrencies and add them to the wallet. Little is known about other events.


The Chakraverse NFT Drop celebrates Stan Lee’s character and contributions. This event provides users with the opportunity to own the history of comics. The best way to learn more about an event is to sign up for the site. That way, users can know exactly when the drop will start and plan accordingly.


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