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Independent Games Studio Third Time Raises $3.5 Million in Seed Funding to Build Bridge From Free-to-Play Into Web3

Orlando, Florida-()-The acclaimed independent game studio Third Time Entertainment, Inc. has raised $ 3.5 million in seed funding to develop mobile and browser-based blockchain games. Financing was led by gaming sector expert LVP, with additional funding from Reciprocal Ventures, Coinbase Ventures, 6th Man Ventures, Folius Ventures, Big Brain Holdings and Maven Capital.Founded by the original Madden NFL Creative directors Ian Cummings and former EA SPORTS, Fan Duel and Zynga veteran developers Paul Fleetwood and Brian Fleming, Third Time will use this money to grow the team and its gaming portfolio.

“Giving players a sense of ownership is a big step for our community,” said Ian Cummings, Founder and CEO of ThirdTime. “One of the key missing elements of blockchain games is fun gameplay. We develop an ecosystem built for gamers, reward them in different ways, add value to our NFT collection, and add value to our NFT collection. We believe it is mission-critical to give gamers the opportunity to make money. Open Marketplace. ”

Third Time has built a vast player community with realistic horse racing simulators Photo finish And sports-themed social hub Suite, There are multiple sets of NFTs (stylish studs, fine fillies, suites) already traded among the top collections of the Solana ecosystem.

Harry Hammer, an investor in LVP, said: “Ian, Paul, and Brian have leveraged decades of experience in developing games that span mobile, social, and player-driven trends, and often describe their genre that has spawned some of the major games in horse racing and sports. I know. Their vision of building a sustainable yet rewarding economy for players instantly resonated with us, backed by their deep free-playing expertise. ”

Photo finish liveThe spiritual successor to the team’s previous mobile horse racing game, will be the fastest growing and most authentic horse racing game in history. Currently, an ecosystem is being built on the blockchain. Later this year, players will be able to acquire, breed, buy, sell, train and auction NFT horses on the open market. As in real life, racing can be affected by horse strengths and weaknesses, weather, track conditions, distance and many other factors. Photo finish live It also drives all in-game interactions and houses two native substitutable tokens $ CROWN and $ DERBY that can be traded on the exchange.

Suite Is an exclusive metaverse with the theme of sports in virtual social spaces. Suite owners can invite friends, play with other fans, watch live streams of their favorite sports, esports and events, and attend live concerts. Suite can also be customized with games and contests, and fans can win real prizes and $ SUITE tokens. Suite Reproduce the feeling of attending a special event in a dedicated private space, providing brands and partners with the opportunity to reach new customers within the Metaverse. Whether you’re a fan, athlete, celebrity or brand, this product is the starting point for creating and monetizing differentiated content, unique gatherings and experiences.

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About Third Time Entertainment.

Third Time is a video game development studio located in Orlando, Florida, with a focus primarily on building games in the Web3 space. Founded in 2015 by veteran developer Ian Cummings of EASports / Zynga / FanDuel, ThirdTime has built two of the most popular horse racing games in history (more than 13 million downloads to date) and the NBC Live Triple Crown. Created and announced a broadcast simulation of the two most anticipated NFT projects on the Solana blockchain in 2022. For more information, please visit:

About LVP

LVP is an early stage fund and there are valuable differences. The partner runs a gaming ecosystem expert, and the team is a seed investor in a gaming company that has generated over $ 30 billion in value through exits such as Supercell, Unity, Playfish and NaturalMotion. LVP is an investor in many other great gaming companies such as Singularity 6, AppOnboard, Bunch, Robin Games and Betadwarf. For more information on LVP, please visit:

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