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ImmutableX to Launch All-In-One Passport System to Onboard New Gamers Into Web3

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Ethereum Scaling System Immutable X start immediately immutable passportprovides an all-in-one way for game studios looking to bring gamers into Web3.

“A customer survey conducted by the ImmutableX team found that ease of onboarding, security, compliance, and plug-and-play functionality are top priorities for development studios integrating Web3 components into their games,” said The company said in a press release.

The new tool is non-custodial A wallet, gamer profile, and authentication solution similar to Xbox gamertags and Apple IDs, without requiring a password to sign on. This means that Immutable does not hold a user’s private key or participate in signing transactions.

Players have access to a suite of tools integrated into Immutable Passport, including a secure digital wallet, fraud protection, and seamless authentication across Web3 games and marketplaces.

According to Immutable, the new tool will help Web3 game studios “drive adoption, maintain enterprise-grade security, and access meaningful player analytics across mainstream audiences.” Additionally, all studios that integrate Passport have access to active players in the ImmutableX ecosystem.

“For Web3 games to reach a billion players, onboarding must be invisible, secure, and work across all games – mobile, console, desktop – just email and one-time passwords.” , which is a game changer for players and significantly reduces user acquisition costs.”

Blockchain-based games have come a long way in recent months. ubisoft When square Enix Accept cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to generate new revenue streams for creators. Developing and investing in Web3 games According to , it is also important. report From blockchain data company DappRadar, which said it had raised $748 million in August 2022 to develop a new Web3 game.

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