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Immutable X, Turner Sports Ink Partnership for NFT Games, Collectibles –

With cryptocurrency NFT Prices plummeted 75% this spring, with some plummeting. Turner sports Continue to invest BlockchainThe possibility of. On Tuesday, the company announced a new partnership with Immutable X, making it Turner’s preferred platform partner for media companies to further develop games and collectibles connected to Ethereum.

“We strongly believe that NFT-enabled Play-to-Earn games are a new category of games with great potential,” said Yang Adija, SVP of Turner Sports, responsible for the business operations, growth and innovation of the Digital League. Stated in a statement. “Immutable X is a proven partner who can help build a portfolio with consumer-friendly technology that doesn’t hurt users with exorbitant gas rates.”

Turner Sports debuted and sold one of its first NFT projects from a major sports publisher last spring. Nearly $ 1 million Of open run goods.Recently, the company Release Blocklete Golf allows users to buy digital golfers and compete for currency prizes. Previously, Turner worked with structural partners on a project-by-project basis (for example, Blocklete Golf is built on Flow, the same blockchain that hosts NBA top shots).

“When we talk to our league partners, we can talk more directly with them about what can be brought to the table from a technical and blockchain perspective. It really helps us in the market. “Masu,” Adija said in an interview. .. “We want to attract the next non-NFT audience, so technology and at least the thinking process needs to be on the path.”

Immutable X promises low transaction fees, the ability to process thousands of transactions per second, and the option to list NFTs simultaneously in multiple markets. This platform already supports many game projects.

“We are proud that our partnership with Turner Sports is in line with two best-in-class organizations to increase the availability of compelling sports content and promote engagement in the Web3 ecosystem,” he said. Co-founder Robbie Ferguson said in a statement. “The history of innovation at the crossroads of sports and blockchain games is unmatched, and we look forward to working together to enhance next-generation sports content through a carbon-neutral, gas-free platform that is highly scalable. I am. “

Despite the price decline at this point, Adija said: We believe that blockchain technology and NFTs will be the basis for things to move forward. “

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