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Immutable X Partners and Mantisco collaborate on a Web3 Game

Mantisco partners with Immutable X on Web3 to launch online game “Hunter’s Arena”.

To create the Web3 game “Hunter’s Arena: Rebirth” today, Mantisco, a Web3 game developer and publisher based in Seoul, South Korea, announced Collaboration with Immutable X, the market leading NFT issuance and trading platform and the first Layer 2 fast scaling solution on Ethereum.

Mantisco and Immutable X

Mantisco has been working in-house on a Web3 version of Hunter’s Arena due to the rapid rise in popularity of Web3 games. By redesigning the combat system and improving the user experience while maintaining an intense and immersive in-game play, Mantisco provides users with an in-game experience enhanced by true ownership of digital assets such as game characters. We want to not only make the experience enjoyable, but also provide a gaming ecosystem. Not only skins, weapons and other items, but also help users to experience the fun.

Mantisco and blockchain games

Mantisco’s main goal is to “create games that set a sustainable standard for gaming.” blockchain game It unites gamers from diverse backgrounds and provides users with positive engagement and great rewards. ”

“To provide an element of joy and fun to the community through stylish action-packed combat, an interesting in-game setting, and the many possibilities for users to enhance their abilities, compete with each other, and experience true ownership of in-game assets. to,” is Mantisco’s declared goal.

Mantisco CEO David Yoon said: Acceptance of web3 games. We focus on games that encourage players and offer safe transactions. Working with Immutable X is crucial to bring our video game vision to life.

Last year, Mantisco created and released Hunter’s Arena: Legend, a AAA-rated game on Steam, PS4, and PS3. His first PS4 and PS5 game in Korea, Hunter’s Arena: Legend, has achieved a record of 12 million downloads worldwide.

Through ImmutableX, the first layer 2 quick scaling solution on Ethereum and the market leading NFT issuance and trading platform, Immutable is driving the next wave of web3 gaming.

Using Starkware’s ZK rollup technology, ImmutableX has today evolved into the top Ethereum platform for web3 games and NFT projects. We provide developers and innovators carbon-free, gas-free solutions with limitless speed, flexibility, protection and fluidity.

“Hunters Arena: Rebirth” will be released in 2023.

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