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Immutable X debuts as marketplace platform for NFT games

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Immutable X launched today as a gaming platform. Non-fungible token (NFTs). In other words, these games have uniquely identifiable digital items that players can acquire or buy and sell, allowing players to own those items forever.When Immutable X has created a marketplace where players of games such as Gods Unchained can buy and sell items they have collected.

Still in alpha stage, Immutable X could become a blueprint for other blockchain games, creator marketplaces, traders and the digital economy. The platform’s mainnet will be open to Gods Unchained players, so they can be bought and sold using the marketplace.

Immutable X is immutablean Australian gaming team that operates NFT trading card games Freed from the Chains of the GodsGods Unchained is an important NFT game, built by a 40-person development team led by Chris Clay, former director of Magic the Gathering: Arena. Gods Unchained is a “play to earn” game where players earn collectibles over time, said Immutable founder Robbie Ferguson in his recent interview with GamesBeat. And they can make money by trading collectibles containing unique NFTs that can be proven not to be copied by blockchain or secure digital ledger technology.

Ferguson said the move will help accelerate the mass adoption of NFTs in games. the last few months, NFTs are exploding in other applications art, sporting goods, music, etc. nba top shot (a digital version of a collectible basketball card) is one such example.The issuer Animoka brand built by dapper lab, NBA Top Shot, surpassed $100 million in sales five months after being released to audiences around the world.When NFT Digital Collage A work by artist Beeple sold at Christie’s for $69.3 million. Investors are pouring money into his NFTs, including his gaming fans.

“With today’s release of Immutable X Alpha, we have made this vision a reality. , earn, share, game and collect,” said Ferguson.

Above: Roadmap for Immutable X

Image credit: ImmutableX

In 2020, Immutable found a solution at the forefront of cryptocurrency. starkwaretook advantage of the benefits of using the Ethereum cryptocurrency and its security without incurring huge fees.Layer 2 scaling“Technology. In short, users don’t have to trust a permanently persistent Immutable to keep their NFTs. They can just trust Ethereum. The mainnet of Immutable X is , is now available as the first Layer 2 solution for NFTs on Ethereum, the company said.

“At the end of the day, security is the point,” says Ferguson. “Otherwise, we could create a new centralized database.

“Our focus now is to scale these games and applications in a way that works best for our users, and ultimately to make mainstream applications very easy to use while still being decentralized. That’s why we decided to build Immutable X. We spent a very long time looking for a scaling solution, and we need to make the NFT ownership proposal available to everyone. ”

Other solutions to Ethereum are creating alternative, faster cryptocurrencies with different methods to reach consensus. However, these alternatives are not as popular as Ethereum. Another solution is to create side chains that do different kinds of processing for transactions. However, Ferguson said the security of these solutions is still not as strong as Ethereum’s, so they may fail. If security fails, the NFT will lose credibility as well, with disastrous consequences, Ferguson said.

“Ethereum is the leading public blockchain in terms of network effects,” said Ferguson. “We decided to go with a true Layer 2 solution. We use Ethereum for everything, we are just compressing data on top of that zero-knowledge proof [a verification technique], which allows us to reach very high levels of scale. ”

Last week, Ferguson said Immutable added several Japanese blockchain games to give Immutable X more momentum. gummiesThe publisher of Brave Frontier, Double Jump.TokyoWhen maternal and child health Spin out from Double Jump.Tokyo. Gumi is the largest shareholder of her Double Jump.Tokyo. MCH+ is the name of her partnership between Double Jump.Tokyo and her MCH.

Together, Double Jump.Tokyo and MCH+ bring four games to Immutable X. My Crypto Heroes, My Crypto Saga, Crypto Spells, Brave Frontier Heroes. The migration will begin as soon as Immutable X comes online. Once the transition is complete, gamers will truly own their own in-game purchases. My Crypto Heroes has a lifetime turnover of 26,000 Ethereum, or $41 million.

trade off

Gods Unchained is paid to play.

Above: Gods Unchained is paid to play.

Image credit: immutable

NFTs use blockchain technology, the secure and transparent digital ledger behind cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, to uniquely identify digital objects. A blockchain can verify the authenticity of something by distributing the verification across a large number of computers, just as it can verify the authenticity and rarity of a given NFT.

However, in the past, developers and creators creating NFT games have faced a lot of friction to unlock the economic potential of large-scale market network effects and secondary NFT markets. . These parties faced high “gas fees” for each mint or transaction.

Ferguson said the integration will allow Immutable X users to save gas fees (the fees for making transactions on the blockchain) and enjoy more engaging game mechanics.

Under the partnership, Immutable will power the issuance and trading of all games of Immutable X, a scaling protocol for NFTs on Ethereum, under Double Jump.Tokyo and MCH+. Transaction fees per second (known as gas fees) can be exorbitant compared to the price of digital items.

To address these issues, Immutable created Immutable X. It’s a layer 2 scaling solution on top of Ethereum, but capable of handling 9,000 transactions per second and no gas fees. It also features instant transaction confirmation and is designed to reduce opacity in the world of NFTs, Ferguson said.

Ferguson said Immutable X is a secure scaling solution because it relies on the Ethereum security system itself to guarantee transactions. This is important because someone could try to attack the blockchain’s consensus system and take control of the item. Much harder than an attack. Ethereum has the strongest community around self-management and decentralization.

Gods Unchained will adopt the 0x protocol to sell in-game items on the blockchain.

Above: Gods unleashed

Image credit: immutable

But it has its drawbacks. People point out that Ethereum transactions consume a lot of energy in verification, which can be costly to the environment over time. Ferguson acknowledged that it was a drawback, but also said that Ethereum and Bitcoin are supported by many mainstreams and are among the strongest cryptocurrencies available. I was able to draw Ferguson believes that, over time, Immutable X will be the solution to energy usage. Immutable X ensures that his NFT activity on the protocol is completely carbon neutral by purchasing carbon credits to offset the gas consumed on Ethereum.

According to Ferguson, other projects around Immutable X include Double Jump.Tokyo Inc / MCH+ (My Crypto Heroes, Crypto Saga, Crypto Spells, Brave Frontier Heroes, Chojo), Mintable (NFT marketplace), SuperfarmDAO (decentralized Financial NFT Farm), Epics GG (Goods), irbium (Auto Battler Role Playing Game), Guild of Guardians (Mobile RPG), and Crypto Assault (Strategy MMO).Rivals include engine and Dapper Labs flow.

Immutable started three years ago as Fuel Games and found success with their second game, Gods Unchained. This is a kind of digital Hearthstone. The company now has 90 employees and about 18 months ago he raised $15 million.

With tens of thousands of players joining Gods Unchained each week and more than 2.5 million matches played, Ferguson said it grew 10x in the quarter. This is enough to monetize Immutable.

However, Gods Unchained has not been able to scale up so far. That’s why Immutable built Immutable X, Ferguson said. As for how Immutable gets millions of players, Ferguson says the Japanese game has as many as 1 million players by comparison. That’s why the move to Immutable X is so important.

“The game will get there,” said Ferguson. “The fact that the revenue is here means that this is the right value proposition for game developers, which is very good at a time when NFTs are craving for art.”

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