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Immutable co-founder, crypto Rich Lister James Ferguson, brushes off market fall to press ahead with global expansion

Crypto Market Has Been Shell Shocked Recently Since Sudden Shock The collapse of the terraUSD stablecoin and its related luna token have seen many investors flee for the safety of more traditional assets.

immutable unique IMX token – Used to trade assets in games like Gods Unchained and Guild of Guardians – Plummeted from $13.31 last November to around $1.15 today.

However, Ferguson said the value of its own token has had little impact on Immutable’s overall business proposition, with most of that value being based on platform sales.

He said that both the crypto and stock markets will always have temporary ups and downs, but regardless of the “short-term noise” there is a huge opportunity for immutables secured by funding.

“When we were looking at the macro situation, it seemed like a really good time to raise, so I think we could have enough runway to operate for years and years. Another raise. ‘ said Ferguson.

“I don’t think the collapse of the earth will affect our business more exposed to the game than the blockchain itself. ) promotes in-game items, not schemes or anything like that.

WeWork’s Balder Tol said fast-growing companies are demanding flexible office arrangements as they adopt hybrid work arrangements for their staff. Janie Barrett

“This company was actually created in the midst of a crypto bear market. I think it’s one of the few companies out there that does that, so instead of just throwing in the buzzwords of the month and hoping that’s enough, it’s about how good your product is and what problem it actually solves. I had to focus on what I was trying to do.”

Immutable’s new partnership with WeWork is part of a strategy to avoid a nationwide skills shortage and rapidly grow its workforce around the world, aiming to double its 250-strong workforce within the next year I’m here.

Katherine Lau, the company’s chief people office, said the company is looking to hire globally without introducing time zone complexities or wage disparities into its operations. She said signing up for WeWork’s All Access monthly subscription plan means she can provide these employees with physical locations to work together in her more than 700 locations. rice field.

“Giving one person 24/7 access to hundreds of locations is less than a few thousand dollars a year, so it’s a lot cheaper than running an office,” says Rau. .

“Recruiting is a big challenge for everyone. Talent at web3 is highly competitive, especially in the United States, where salaries are unprecedentedly high, and in other markets as well.

“We are starting to see signs of a slowdown in layoffs elsewhere, so we expect things to calm down. Our strategy is to spread our talent and want to find the best talent in the world.”

WeWork has been in decline since a disastrous IPO attempt in 2019 saw its valuation drop from $47 billion to $10 billion.

While many of the company’s coworking spaces have remained ghost towns for much of the past two years due to pandemic lockdowns, the company’s clients are among the burgeoning tech companies that need to offer hybrid working conditions. Seeing opportunities to acquire I don’t want to incur the cost of purchasing an office that is only used sporadically.

Balder Tol, WeWork’s general manager for Australia and Southeast Asia, said:

“In a world where flexibility and choice are key to growth and business success, Immutable is a prime example of a burgeoning company seeking flexible workspace solutions post-pandemic.”

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