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I returned most of the stolen Nomad funds and all I got was this silly NFT

The hackers behind the $190 million Nomad Bridge are being incentivized with “white hat” themed non-fungible tokens (NFTs) if they return nearly all the funds they stole from the protocol earlier this month. increase.

A dedicated NFT that simply depicts a white wizard’s hat is provided by NFT company Metagame and can be minted by those who return at least 90% of the stolen funds to Nomad.

“Even if you haven’t returned your funds yet, you can return them now. Metagame will automatically check your on-chain tx history,” the Nomad team said on Twitter on August 23rd.

Metagame founder Brenner Speer said in an interview with Cointelegraph, “I don’t know if it will encourage anyone to give back funds that they otherwise would not have gotten,” but the move is , are part of a broader effort to promote and support good behavior in this area:

“I support people doing the right things for the wrong reasons. More of the right things will happen, and perhaps people will do more of the right things for the right reasons.”

Non-fungible tokens have no function, as they essentially serve as trophies that represent acts of goodwill. His 50 first to return funds in connection with this promotion will also receive 100 FF tokens ($53) from the web3 platform Forefront.

Nomad Bridge was first hacked on August 2nd. Security Loopholes in Nomad’s Smart Contracts This allowed them to withdraw funds that did not belong to them through questionable transactions.

According to a post-mortem analysis earlier this month by Coinbase’s lead blockchain threat intelligence researcher, Peter Katzarginski, and Senior Associate on the Special Research Team, Heidi Wilder: Hundreds of imitators then joined in the fun Copy the same code used to start the hack, slightly changing the target token, amount of tokens, and recipient address.

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However, the concept didn’t seem to work on Twitter, with many users faking the idea over time. do you?” asked.

“Is that what the team came up with to solve the problem? Rewarding hackers with worthless NFTs?” They have more important things to focus on!”

As of August 8, Cointelegraph claims that white hat hackers Returned approximately $32.6 million Of the total stolen $190 million,